Threat to Upananda Brahmachari and Dr. Togadia for dire consequences

O Hindus, let us unite so that no anti-Hindu force can dare to give any such threat to our Hindu leaders ! – Editor, HJS

Shri. Upananda Brahmachari

Some Khan in London from his Cell no. +44 1484-531866 has given threat to Shri. Upananda Brahmachari, editor of pro-Hindu website and Dr. Pravin Togadia for their pro-Hindu activism. The threat call came to Brahmachari’s  mobile at around 19:42 IST on April 18, 2015.  Khan says that  Indians have very bad days ahead coming very fast. Togadia must give 3500 Sq Km areas to Indian Muslims for making their own land. Otherwise, they will establish their Greater Bangladesh in due time.

The Threats to Upananda Brahmachari and Pravin Togadia contained dire consequences.

Dr. Pravin Togadia

Dr Togadia is the International President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Shri. Upananda Brahmachari is the Editor of Hindu Existence a fast growing Hindu Media in internet.

In reply, when Shri. Brhmachari retaliated as Muslims should not have any claim in India as they have already got their part of Pakistan and Muslims may not claim this whole world on their own and they should think the claim of the other persons who had their faith before 1430 yrs as such, then the person in London cut the phone all on a sudden.

The said Khan many a times uttered Insha Allah and Allah ho Akbar.

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti