Trafalgar Square hosts Diwali celebrations

There was dancing in Trafalgar Square on Sunday as people gathered to celebrate Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights.

Around 35,000 came to central London for the event, which has been hosted at Trafalgar Square on 16 occasions.

Diwali was celebrated in Trafalgar square. Credit: ITV News

The sunny setting was the perfect atmosphere for people from around the world to join in the dancing at a one of the country’s most recognisable locations.

Varsha Mistri from the Metropolitan Police Hindi Association said: “This is the place to be today for Diwali because it’s just a huge celebration of London and all that’s great about London.”

Trained dancers and singers performed for attendees, but there was plenty of opportunity for anyone to give it a go.

Last updated Sun 15 Oct 2017