Tragic that Hindu celebrations are matter of dispute: Jagadish Karanth

Kundapur, Mar 1: ‘It is a tragedy that the very fact that India is the motherland of Hindus and our country happens to be a Hindu nation itself has become a matter of dispute. Hindus are being restrained from celebrating their festivals and holy occasions, nor are they in a position to assert their rights. The Hindu community is facing a situation in which it is not in a position to freely conduct religious rituals connected with their religion. Hence it has become imperative to infuse in Hindus a sense of devotion towards their religion and breathe in a need of turning into social power. Hidutva is Indian nationality, Hinduism is the soul, life, and breath of the country. Hindutva should evoke a sense of self respect and self confidence in us,’ said state convener of Hindu Jagarana Vedike, Jagadish Karanth.

He was speaking at the Virat Hindu Sangama and community Satyanarayana Puja with 505 pitchers, organized by the local chapter of Hindu Jagarana Vedike at the PU College ground at Gangolli on Saturday February 28.

“So many Hindu meets have been organized by Hindu organizations all over the state and nation. None of these programmes witnessed incidents of violence or disturbances. However, the programme recently held by Popular Front of India at Shivamogga resulted in disturbances, arson, loss of life, injuries, etc. If the government and departments, which are over enthusiastic in placing restrictions on Hindu programmes had shown the same level of enthusiasm in regulating Popular Front programmes, these would never have occurred,” he said.

“The unwanted developments witnessed at various parts of the state were not unexpected. The decision to impose curbs on Hindu Samajotsavas and restrain Pravinbhai Togadia from delivering addresses were not taken by the police department, but by the state government. The government is doing everything within its command to stop Hindus from uniting by splitting them and subduing pro-Hindu activities. For the sake of votes, it has been pursuing the policy of appeasing a specific community and for this purpose, even extending protection to anti-nationals. Without sacrifice and selflessness, Hinduism and their motherland cannot survive. In the coming days, they may be forced to face harder days. We should be prepared to come together and be ever vigilant to face such a situation and come out unscathed,” he advised.

Karanth severely criticized the government for its initiatives towards extending financial assistance to the families of terrorists. He said that efforts are on to exploit Hindus and snatch away their rights. “Who will protect our country if the government shields terrorists? We are allowing bombs to be set off in our land in the name of Jihad by Muslims. What right does state home minister, George, has to declare that those arrested on allegations of terrorism are innocent?” he questioned. He accused the government of releasing terrorists by terming them as innocents.

Terming Bhatkal as the breeding ground of terrorists, he called upon people of Gangolli to bravely face restrictions, bans etc that may be imposed in the coming days, to save Gangolli from the prospects of turning into another Bhatkal. He said Hindu Jagarana Vedike stands for awakening Hindu society, and instilling in them pride about their religion, and create in them love and respect for Hindutva, Hindu society, and their nation.

Sri Rajashekharananda Swamiji of Gurpur Sri Vajradehi Mutt, who delivered benedictory address at the programme, gave a clarion call to Hindus to banish the bane of casteism in their society, and stay united. He asked them to overcome political conspiracies and wriggle out of a situation in which they feel like living in draught because of political bondage. Coming down heavily on the state government’s ‘Shaadi Bhagya’ scheme, he criticized the concerned for not announcing any schemes for the welfare of Hindus, and at the same time, bringing out new schemes for minorities.

He lampooned the state government for claiming itself to be a government of Hindus. “Although we have Hindu MLAs, they are as good as not being there. Investigation into the death of police inspector, Mallikarjun Bande, has not progressed. Home minister, George, has made the department irrelevant. Government is blocking leaders like Pravinbhai Togadia who stands for Hindus, while extending red carpet welcome to naxals,” he noted.

He reiterated that no one can look down upon Hindus if the Hindus are able to overcome the disadvantage of casteism. “Hindus do not inflict violence on others, but if they become victims of violence, they will not spare anyone,” he warned. He said it is high time that Hindus came together to protect themselves.

Entrepreneur from Ballari, Kotwal Padmanabha Sheruguar, presided. Gangolli gram panchayat president, Reshma Kharvi, Vedamurty Vedavyasa Acharya, Madi Shankar Kharvi of Kanchugodu Lord Rama Temple, fishermen leaders, and many other dignitaries were present.

Gangolli Hindu Jagarana Vedike president, Govindaraya Sherugar, welcomed. Before the beginning of the programme, a grand procession was taken out from Sri Rama Mandir to Lord Veereshwara Temple.

Elaborate police vigil was witnessed at every nook and corner of the programme. Vehicles entering the area were stopped at junctions, and allowed after noting down their registration numbers and other details, and duly video taping them. Most of the shops and establishments had closed down because of the programme, and it looked like undeclared bandh. As the programme organizers were told to finish the programme before 5.30 pm, it was concluded well before this time. A number of cameras were in operation, and recording of the events with the help of drone-mounted cameras was also witnessed.