Understanding Navaratri

navdurgaUNITED KINGDOM, September 26, 2014 (National Council of Hindu Temples UK): Hindu spiritual philosophy suggests that the Universe and everything therein that we can see and feel, is Feminine (creative and dynamic) in nature. Further we humans can “connect” with this aspect of the Universe by connecting with its highest expression i.e. Energy (called Shakti), its next largest local form (the Earth) followed by its next highest form, the human form i.e. especially the female form. Energetic expression is a feature of the Navratri festival which involves energetic dance, cooking, rituals, light and color – all very exuberant and dynamic.

At the Festival of Navratri, Hindus celebrate the Divine feminine in 9 different forms, navdurga individually and on consecutive nights. There are two elements which are critical to all of the activities in the festival – Energetic dynamic expressions throughout the day and deep contemplation and meditation throughout the night – exuberantly connecting with the outer world during the day and tranquilly connecting with the inner world during the night are core features of the festival.

Source: Hinduism Today