Unpleasant Truth—Barbaric Cruelty

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Subject: Unpleasant Truth—Barbaric Cruelty

We had received this mail (attached) in early August, thought over whether to share with all or keep it to ourselves only and now realised we have no right not to disseminate the information so meticulously collected. The salient points in it are blunt facts:

Of the over 10,000,000 millions killed in violent acts committed by Muslims, over90 percent are Muslims;

·              The most dangerous country for any Muslim to live in is a Muslim majority country;

·              The greatest enemy of Muslims is neither US or Israel. It is Islam itself;

·              All this is to satisfy barbaric religious instincts, aided by religious Islamic teaching;

·              In Muslim countries, religion is the major source of education. When you educate a child in his early years to learn the words of Muhammad, the Prophet, who had said, “I was asked to.  fight until  they believed in Allah and his Messenger, you made the first step of making this child a future terrorist;

·              it is not that the terrorists distorted Islam, it is Islam that distorted the terrorists;

·              There will be no peace any where unless the Muslims themselves re-examine their Islamic books.


Well, friends, we are not to sure who all will benefit from the contents of the mail, posted on the CNN some time back. We do sincerely wish some of may venture to share this with. educated Muslim friends for whatever worth that would be.



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