Acharya Certification awarded to Alankar Rathnesh Maharaj: South Africa

Attachment-1Raam Raam Maharaj.

Herewith I enclose the certificate and correspondence confirming my induction as Achaaryaji Taakur Naresh.

Lord Hari’s most humble Servant & Yours in the service of Dharma Sanathana

Sri Nath A. R. Maharaj

Durjanaah sajjano bhuyaat sajjanah
Shaantim aapnuyaat shaabto mucyeta bandhebhyo
Muktashchaanyaan vimochayet

“May the wicked become virtuous; May the virtuous attain tranquility; May the tranquil be freed from the bonds;May the freed make others free.”- Samano Mantris

I surrender my message to my god and pray it reaches you free from evil.

Binu Satsangha Vivek Na Hoyi, Raama Kripa Binu Shulb Na Soyi;
Sathsangha Muda Mangala Moola, Soyi Phal Siddhi Sab Sadhana Phoola

“Contact with noble souls is the root of joy and blessings; it constitutes the very fruit and fulfillment of all endeavors, whereas all other practices are blossoms as it were.”- Ramayana

Source: KVM via. WHN Piblisher