What Bhagavad Gita teaches us: Top 10 lessons we must remember!


What Bhagavad Gita teaches us: Top 10 lessons we must remember!
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The Bhagavad Gita is a conversation between Arjuna and Lord Krishna. When Pandava prince found himself in a tight spot whether to go ahead in the war and fight like a warrior against his own kin or to follow his heart—Lord Krishna, who was also the charioteer and guide of the Pandavas started the dialogue which enlightened him and the coming generations forever.
Krishna explains to Arjuna why his ‘Kshatriya dharma’s is supreme when at the battle field and how he could reaffirm dharma through his act. One write-up might not do justice to explain what the Gita says or teaches. But let’s take a quick look at what we can learn from the song of the lord (Gita) today:

Your body is temporary but soul is permanent. Perhaps, this explains why we need not attach ‘moh’ with our bodily desires.

Whatever your do, all your acts should be attributed to Lord Krishna. He must be present in your thoughts, all the time.

There is nothing that is actually yours. Nothing that your will take with you once you die. So, physical or material asset holds a true value, per se.

Have faith. Believe in the philosophy that whatever has happened in the past was good, what all is happening in the present is great and similarly the future will be good as well.

Death is inevitable. Whoever is born shall die one day. None is immortal. So remember Lord Krishna in all your deeds.

Peace of mind is important. Therefore, the lord says in Bhagavad that anger is delusional, and can cause trouble in mind. One should try and be as calm as possible to maintain a balance.

Avoid any type of extremity. Don’t be too sad or too happy over anything. Meditation is the key to attain that mental balance.

Selfishness can kill your wisdom. Krishna says a selfish person can use his true wisdom. He/she will only look at their own benefits and not what serves the best interests of others. So, try and not be selfish in real life.
Always remember that the supreme being is watching you and resides inside your heart. All your deeds come from him. The lord is omnipresent.

Never ever shy away from your duties. A man is known by his actions, so perform well and righteously. Don’t run away from your assigned duties in life.

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