World Hindu Economic Forum: Technology in Education


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Aatmeeya Bhagini / Bandhu,


Technology is revolutionizing the way we lead our lives. Technology is
changing shopping, banking, bill payment, entertainment, news reporting,Communication and indeed even citizen governance interface.
However changes due to technology on education front are slow. There are two aspects when one considers the gamut of technology in education.
1. Administration and Governance
2. Learning and Teaching and Examination.
While educationists haven’t been hesitant in adopting technology in administration and governance, there seems a lack of speed in adoption of technology in learning, teaching and examination.
When questioned, educationists usually point that there is greater resistance to adoption of technology in teaching and learning from student community, than there is from faculty.
Research indicates that technology adoption in education, primarily
depends on two factors
1. Perceived Use
2. Perceived Ease of Use.
There is need to impress upon educationists the utility of using technology in education, even as adopting technology needs to be made more simple and easy to use.
It could be audio lectures, or indeed video explanations of lab experiments. It could be online course content, or equally online examinations.
Faculty should not perceive technology as threat to employment, but see upon technology as an assistance in bringing about better learning
Educational institutions must administer incentive mechanisms that hasten adoption of technology in education.
Government of Bharat has started a National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology. This is step in right direction.
Technology is not meant to substitute traditional learning and teaching.
Technology is meant to supplement and complement traditional learning and teaching.
National GDP presents positive correlation with education. In such a scenario, improved education through technology, will certainly impact
economic performance.
There is need for adoption of technology in education on a Mission Mode.
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