​London’s International women’s Day 2015 & Holi Mela​

Holi, The Festival of Colors, India

Further to your communication with Ms Trivedi.  May we please invite you to attend and take part in our above event in any capacity that you may deem appropriate.


We need Community Pillars like yourselves to help us make these events bigger and better.   We would like you to notice the opportunity that our event may present to business for marketing, brand awareness and extra sales.


The sheer number of visitors and the amount of Social Media interaction we are gaining will give market awareness to all who are involved in this event.  We

add them all to our Facebook page which we are starting to publish via Google ad word marketing.   An army of well-wishers who are sharing the flyer via their own social network along side all the businesses, entertainers etc.
Main sponsors will be a part of all our marketing,  TV. Radio. Posters, Flyers during the event marketing etc.
The opportunities are endless.
Please support us.  We assure you that you will attend our event and take away lots of Holi Joy to last the whole year.  May we please ask that you share our event Flyer with everyone.  Lets share and be one as a Community.
We look forward to seeing you very soon.
Jaya Luxmi

Source: WHN Media Network