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Subject:  Panun Kashmir addresses press conference regarding current political developments

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Press Brief of the Panun Kashmir press conference addressed jointly by Dr. Agnishekhar convener & Dr. Ajay Chrungoo chairman on Friday 20th of Feb. 2015 at Jammu

All patriotic citizens of the state of Jammu and Kashmir out rightly disapprove the entire framework of conditions put forward by PDP which is guiding its efforts for the formation of a new government in the state.

A sinister political maneuver seems to be afoot to seek political and official legitimacy to soft-secessionism in the state through the process of government formation.

The behavior of the two primarily Kashmir based regional political parties, for more than a decade, has left nobody in doubt that a broader political consensus exists between these parties on soft-secessionism.

Unfortunately both these parties have succeeded to take into their embrace significant sections of the national parties by making them believe that soft-secessionism can be a tactical ploy to derail separatism in the state.  This embrace has already proved to be suicidal for the Congress party in the state. Panun Kashmir has no doubt that if the government formation takes place on the terms and conditions enunciated by PDP it will prove to be a deadly embrace for BJP as well.Panun Kashmir wants to state it emphatically that far from strengthening national politics, legitimacy to soft-secessionism has unleashed vicious cycles of competitive secessionism and communalism in the state. Anti- national forces particularly Pan Islamic fundamentalist regimes have benefitted immensely in such a political environment.  It is still time for the new government at the Centre to recognize this reality.

Panun Kashmir urges the Central government to realize that allowing processes which undermine the boundaries of Constitution of India have transformed the democratic space in the state into a subversive space.  A subversive order has been created in the state which has been using the governments at the helms and the political establishment as support structures for anti-national objectives.

Panun Kashmir calls upon Government of India to recognize the simple reality that no national interest in the state can be pursued through an anti-national route and no secularism can grow by nourishing communalism.

Panun Kashmir warns Government of India that any direct or indirect concession to secessionism and communalism in the state through the process of government formation will have serious consequences for the national unity and sovereignty in the state. The Jehadi war in the state is only a front of the global Jihad and nothing should be allowed even for tactical reasons which can provide it new fuel and oxygen.

Panun Kashmir wants the political class of India to squarely face the fact that more than 42 percent of the population of the state of Jammu and Kashmir is constituted by the Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists. Nearly half of the Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist population in the state are refugees who have been driven out from their homes and hearths by Muslim extremism, communalism and terrorism. The political class of India needs to realize now, if it has not done it so far, that the Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists of the state cannot be subjected to the servitude of a Muslim state, that too in the biggest democracy of the world which boasts of its secular character.  Panun Kashmir declares that minorities in the state, reduced to second rate citizenship for last 65 years, will not accept any further persecution, deprivation and isolation. They appeal to the people of India, the national parties, the political class and the democratic forces to urge the people in power to end their state of subjection and slavery.The press conference was attended by Prof.O.N.Trisal,Sh.Kuldeep Raina Gen.Secy. Panun Kashmir,Sh.Sanjay Moza National Cordinator Panun Kashmir,Sh.Kitchloo,Sh.Pran Raina and Sh.Rakesh Peer.

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