11 things that attract Goddess Lakshmi to you

Goddess of Money

Lakshmi is considered as the presiding deity of money. People also believe that if they propitiate Lakshmi appropriately, they will invite more money to them. Let’s explore some ideas that can help you in this.



Lord Kuber

It is believed that keeping a statue of Lord Kuber in the house will make Lakshmi happy. Lord Kuber is believed to be the protector of all the money of the world. The place where the statue is to be placed should be kept clean.




Small Coconuts

These coconuts are usually smaller than the normal coconut. This is also called Shrifal, which means the fruit of Lakshmi. So, worshipping this coconut in the house will bring Lakshmi to you.





Mercury Images

Statues and images made by mercury are considered to be very special. By keeping a mercury Lakshmi idol in the house, you can attract the goddess to you.




These are often seen with children who like to play with them. However, this cowrie comes from the sea and Goddess Lakshmi also emerged from the sea. So, it is considered to attract Goddess Lakshmi to you.

Moti Conch

This invaluable conch is considered a very special one in Tantra and Mantra. This is believed to be a miraculous conch.



Silver idols

Keeping silver idols of Lakshmi and Ganesha is also considered very beneficial. It is believed that these idols should be worshipped daily.



Shri Yantra

In the Tantra Science, Shri Yantra is considered a very special one. It is considered as the king of Yantras. Keeping this is the Pooja room helps a lot.



Silver Padukas

Keeping silver Padukas of Goddess Lakshmi also serves a very good purpose. Try to keep the direction of these Padukas towards where you want to keep money.



Lotus Gatta

It is a kind of a seed that comes from the lotus. Because Lakshmi resides on the lotus, it is believed that having a garland made of these seeds will invite Goddess Lakshmi to your house.



South-mouth conch

In the science of Tantra, Southwards conch is considered very special. Keeping it in the worship room or in the wallet will make Lakshmi come to your house.

One-eyed coconut

This is a type of a coconut which is usually used in Tantra. It has one-eye instead of usual three from where people get the water.



Try any of them

You can try any of these and it will surely help you in getting Goddess Lakshmi attracted to your house.





Are you facing troubles?

If you are not getting money as per your requirements, it is apparent that you are missing something unique.





Let’s know

If you tried any of these and it helped you, do let’s know and share your experience.




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