160 Hindu fishermen abducted by Christian Terrorists under Bishop in Kerala

India_map_keralaKarunagappilli/ Thiruvananthapuram: There has been yet another attack on Hindu fishing community, with their vessels attacked and seized in mid sea. Sources have revealed that as many as 160 fishermen were taken hostage, but were later released following intervention of leaders of Hindu Aikya Vedi and Araya community. It has been reported that these fisher folk braved threats and proscriptions issued by the Christian church and ventured out to the area.

According to reports, vessels which started from Karunagappilly and Azheekal harbour were attacked in Anchuthengu. Those attacked are members of the Araya community hailing from Karunagappilly and Alangadu. It has also been reported that the marauders did away with fish worth three lakh rupees.

Local fishermen informed us that families of these fisherfolk have been facing pangs of hunger since the last 40 days, owing to non availability of fish in Karunagappilly area. That is when these Hindu fishermen decided to venture into deep sea. They were confronted by the Christian fisher community backed by church, and an attack unleashed upon. Sources have revealed that the barges in which they arrived had deadly weapons. The Hindu fishermen were brutally assaulted and forcibly kept as prisoners inside a Christain church.

“Hearing the news leaders of Hindu Aikya Vedi rushed to the spot. However the Christian congregation was hostile and refused to meet them. Police too refused to cooperate. Even though senior police officers of Attingal and Kadaykkaavoor were informed they refused to take action initially, stating that a large contingent of police was necessary for approaching the place, failing which there could be firing. Finally when they arrived, orders were issued to free the hostages. In spite of this, the Vicar refused to budge. He was adamant that he would comply for discussions only if they were held inside church buildings. The Hindu fishermen who were held hostage were not given food or water for a long time. It was when Hindu Aikya Vedi leaders got in touch with Chief Minister Oommen Chandy over phone that matters took a turn for the better. The matter was entrusted to ADGP Hemachandran, who took stock of the situation.

Source : Haindava keralam