1984 Sikh Genocide – Congress leaders were involved in murders of Sikhs

Jagdish Tytler’s name has been in the limelight for quite some time due to his involvement in the massacre of Sikhs during the 1984 pogroms.  However, Tytler is not the only politician responsible for the murders of the Sikhs.  The following is the list of those alleged to have instigated violence.  Many of these politicians also protected other criminals who killed and raped Sikhs, and burnt down their houses and businesses.

  1. H.K.L. Bhagat, Minister of state (Information and Broadcasting) : On November 5, 1984, he is reported to have intervened to get miscreants released who were held in Shahdara Thana.  These persons were used to attack the Sikhs.
  2. Babu Ram Sharma, Member, Municipal Corporation (Ward No. 58) : reported to be the right-hand man of H. K. L. Bhagat. Reportedly responsible for loot, arson and murder in trance-Yamuna areas-Babarpur, Chajupur Colony, Maujpur, Gonda. Allegedly led people on motor cycle with megaphone.
  3. Sajjan Kumar, Cong. (I) M.P. from Mangolpuri : Reported to have paid Rs. 100 and a bottle of liquor to each person involved in the killing.
  4. Lalit Makan, Cong. (I) Trade Union Leader and Metropolitan Councillor : Reportedly paid to mob Rs. 100 each plus a bottle of liquor. A white ambassador car reportedly belonging to him came 4 times to the G.T. Road area near Azadpur. Instructions to mobs indulging in arson were given from inside the car.
  5. Dharam Das Shastri, Cong. (I) M. P. from Karol Bagh : Reported to be carrying voters list with him at Prakash Nagar for identification of Sikhs. On November 5, according to newspaper reports, he along with other Congress-I leaders tried to pressurize the SHO of Karol Bagh Police Station to release the persons who arrested during the police raids to recover looted property.
  6. Mangat Ram Singal, Member of Municipal Corporation (Ward No. 32) : was reportedly with Dharam Das Shastri and Mahendra at Prakash Nagar.
  7. Dr. Ashok Kumar, Member of Municipal Corporation, Kalyanpuri : Reportedly held a meeting in Kalyanpuri, following which violence broke out immediately. According to many eye witnesses he led mobs which indulged in loot, murder, arson and rape.
  8. Sukhan Lal Sood, Metropolitan Councillor : According to eye witnesses was seen leading mobs, which indulged in loot, murder, arson and rape. He had come with petrol and serial lists and addressess of Sikhs in the locality. The women refugees, recognized him and drove him out.
  9. Jagdish Chander Tokas, Member of Municipal Corporation Munirka (Ward No. 14) : reportedly led a mob to R.K. Puram Sector IV and V.
  10. Ishwar Singh, Member, Municipal Corporation, Mangolpuri (Ward No. 37) : Allegedly led the mobs that indulged in looting, burning, rape and murder in Mangolpuri area.
  11. Balwant Khokhar, Youth Congress-I Leader, Delhi : Identified as one of the persons responsible for instigating looting and arson in Palam Colony area.
  12. Faiz Mohammad, Youth Congress-I Leader, Delhi : named by refugees in Shakurpur camp and in Mangolpuri for being a part of the mob indulging in looting, arson and murder.
  13. Satbir Singh, Youth Congress-I : He allegedly brought bus loads of people from Ber Sarai to Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School (Munirka). They burnt school buses and parts of the school building. He was reportedly involved in looting and beating of Sikhs which carried on throughout the night on November 1.

Source : Sikh 24