2014 SEWA Lead Houston Program

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Program 2014


 Lead Houston is a program held by SEWA every summer which has been successful in helping enthusiastic High School volunteers become better involved in the greater community while learning more about vast career opportunities and networking with leading professionals in various industries during the summer. Through this program highly motivated high school students interact with community leaders and successful professionals through engaging symposiums and field visits. This year the Lead Houston program will introduce students to professionals from a wide spectrum of industries, and as such, students will learn about the individuals’ life experiences, stories of professional success, social service engagements, and other community endeavors. 

Mailing Address:

P.O Box 820867, Houston TX JUNE 14th to JULY 7th


Physical Address:1712 HWY 6 South, Houston, TX Contact Kavita Tewary at 713-303-4253 for more 77077 information.


To enroll please visithttps://houston.sewausa.org/lead-houstonsign-form. 


Please visit https://houston.sewausa.org/leadhoustonto see more information about the Lead Houston program, and its speakers from past years.



“ The many opportunities that the SEWA Lead Houston program offers are immense and boundless. Through the program, I was able to meet leaders from every area of Houston’s diverse community – from political leaders, to leaders in the community, to social workers, and pioneering professionals – their experience helped to shape my views about what it means to truly serve the community. Not only did I learn from this experience, but I also gained valuable insight into the many established and upcoming industries which will one day help me in deciding which profession I would like to pursue. The program itself was a fulfilled and exciting experience from which I gained leadership experience and advice through many volunteering and service events, and learned valuable lessons from the shared experiences that the many leaders that we interacted with had to offer. All in all, the SEWA Lead Houston program has helped me realize my potential as a community leader, and has shaped me in becoming a better community leader. “

Kaushiki Tewary, 16, Cinco Ranch High School. Member of the 2013 Lead Houston Program

Past speakers have included leaders in the community such as Interfaith Ministries President and CEO Elliot Gershenson, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett, Dr. Kumar Krishen of NASA, Sugarland Council member Harish Jajoo, and Bridgjette Taylor Jackson, founder of “The Call” foundation. An exciting and impactful panel of speakers have already been chosen for the Summer 2014 term of Lead Houston, and students are sure to gain valuable knowledge from the experiences of the pioneers and leaders of our Speakers at




Goals of Lead Houston

  1. 1.    To develop a strong sense of inspiration and motivation on the part of High School 
students as they interact with renowned, motivational professionals from the community.
  2. 2.    To allow students to gain a wider understanding of the realities of the society in which 
they live.
  3. 3.    To connect interns with industry experts whom they can work with to develop programs 
to meet the needs of Houston’s vulnerable communities.
  4. 4.    To expose the interns to various professions and industry leaders in these professions.


Source: https://houston.sewausa.org/lead-houstonsign-form