43 ‘lagnas’ this wedding season for Hindus, but only six most auspicious

vivah-muhuratPATNA: Wedding season is round the corner with there being at least 43 ‘lagnas’ between November 24 this year and March 14 next year. However, only six of these marriage dates are “most auspicious”, according to the Kashi ‘panchang’. 

“November 25, December 12, January 30, February 22 and March 9 and 10 are the most auspicious dates for solemnizing marriages because ‘Shukra’ will come in the proximity of ‘Brihaspati’,” explains Pandit R K Trivedi, who has been performing wedding rituals for 32 years. These two natural ‘benefics’ are indicators of wealth, fame, luck, spirituality and morality, among other things, added the priest. 

Sonu Mishra, another priest at the Panchamukhi Hanuman Mandir on Boring Canal Road, said the wedding month has arrived but one shouldn’t tie the knot during ‘Kharmas’ that will continue from December 16 this year to January 14 next year. The legend has it that there is no sun transition during this inauspicious month called ‘Kharmas’ and, as such, Hindus refrain from commencing or doing anything new and significant during the period. It is only after the sun starts its ‘Uttarayan’ journey for the next six months after ‘Kharmas’ that the period becomes pious for Hindus. 

Mishra, who also gets invite to tie the knot between Patna-based brides and grooms hailing from Mithilanchal, said Maithils do not abide by the Kashi ‘panchang’. 

“Most of the Maithils residing in Bihar rigidly follow the Mithila ‘panchang’ which prescribes fewer favourable dates for marriages this season. Earlier when the Saurath Sabha, at which marriages between prospective brides and grooms would be fixed, was in vogue, these marriages were even registered by ‘panjikars’, he added. 

Needless to say, many couples are readying for their D-Day. Muzaffarpur resident Raji Purva, who is getting hitched in January next year, rues that making arrangements for a wedding, albeit exciting, is quite tiring. “Marriages might have been made in heaven, but they have to be solemnized on earth,” the soon-to-be-bride quipped.

Source: The Times of India