8 Iconic Moments From The Mahabharata That Resonate With All Of Us

The Mahabharata is one of India’s greatest epics, and is rife with lessons and adages, most of which are relevant even today. Take a look at 8 such powerful moments from the greatest story ever told in Hindu mythology.

1. Eklavya giving away his right thumb as Guru Dakshina


Eklavya belonged to a lower caste and was not accepted by Dronacharya as a student. He was diligent, talented and a much better archer than Arjuna. However, he considered Dronacharya his mentor and gave up his right thumb without questioning him at all.

2. When Karna finds out that Kunti is his mother

Karna and Kunti

Karna was informed about his birth by Krishna. After finding out, his world turns upside down. He realises he’s on the wrong side, but it is too late to join his brothers. On the other hand, he is full of questions for Kunti and finds it extremely difficult to forgive her. All of which is justified.

3. Abhimanyu’s death


This was one of the saddest moments in the Mahabharata. Abhimanyu’s incomplete knowledge of Chakravyuha is cited as the reason for his death. Sadly, the greatest warriors on the other side come together to kill Abhimanyu knowing that he is not entirely prepared for this war and is only 16 years old. Nevertheless, he fought against the Kauravas until he was mercilessly killed by them.

4. The game of dice and Draupadi’s insult


The dice game was very carefully planned by Shakuni who played against Yudhishter with a loaded dice. Yudhishter not only lost his wealth, but himself, his brothers and Draupadi. The arrogant Kauravas made fun of the Pandavas’ helpless state and tried to disrobe Draupadi. It is then that Lord Krishna saves her. This episode of the Mahabharata has been questioned at many levels. Even though the elders of the family sympathised with Draupadi, they had only silence to offer when she was getting humiliated.

5. Karna’s death

Karna's death

Karna’s death was sad and tragic. While dying he tells Krishna that he wants to be buried on a land where nothing grows. This is attributed to the belief in Hindu mythology that says that after a person is burnt, he is returned to earth. Along with the ashes, their luck and qualities are transferred to whatever that grows on that land. Karna believed his life was so tragic that he didn’t want his ill qualities to be passed on to any other living being.

6. Krishna killing Bheeshma with a Chakra

Lord Krishna

For a moment in the Mahabharata, Lord Krishna forgot about his oath to not touch any weapons. He took the chariot’s wheel and went on to kill Bheeshma. Arjun jumped from the chariot and begged him not to kill him in what can only be defined as one of the most powerful moments in the Mahabharata.

7. The fight between Karna and Arjun

Krishna and Arjun

Karna is dejected and tells Krishna that the world wouldn’t see his abilities because at last he had lost, even though Arjun had to cheat to defeat Karna. Arjun feels sad after killing him because that’s when he finds out that Karna is actually his brother.

8. The conversation between Krishna and Arjun

Krishna and Arjun


Possibly the most iconic moment in the Mahabharata. It is on this conversation that the Bhagavad Gita is written. Before the battle, Arjun has second thoughts about fighting his cousins, most importantly Bheeshma and Dronacharya. It is here that Krishna reveals to him that he is god, and wakes him to his call of duty.

Source: India Times