$90,000 Hindu Statue Stolen From UES Gallery During Open House

2016_04_uesstatue.jpgPolice have released a photograph of an 18th century statue that was stolen from a Manhattan gallery last month, in hopes someone has come across it.

According to the NYPD, the grand larceny took place on March 16th at 2:30 p.m. at the Nancy Wiener Gallery on East 74th Street, where “an unidentified person removed a Gilt Bronze statue from the 60-year-old female victim’s residence during an open house art exhibition at her residence.”

Police sources tell the NY Post that Wiener “told cops that she saw ‘nothing unusual’ while the $90,000 gilt bronze Sino-Tibetan statue was on display during the event that coincided with Asia Week New York… It wasn’t until the next day when Wiener went to move the piece to a more secure location because the statue went up in value during an auction that she noticed it was gone.”

The statue “depicts the Hindu gods Yama — known as the Lord of Death — Yami and a buffalo,” the Post reported.

The authorities had raided a number of galleries during Asia Week—including Wiener’s—in search of apparently looted works of art.

Source: gothamist