A graphic Hinduism novel in defence of Dharma



O Bharata, whenever there is decline of righteousness and rise of evil, I manifest Myself. When evil becomes irrepressible, I (god) come to earth in human form to rid it of evil.
This is what Krishna said to Arjuna while standing in the battlefield of Kurukshetra when he attained the role of a guide to Arjuna.
Depicting Krishna as a defender of dharma, Campfire Graphic Novels have come up with Krishna: Defender of Dharma, which tells Krishna’s story in graphic novel format. Author Shweta Taneja and artist Rajesh Nagulakonda have come up with this masterpiece on Vishnu’s eighth avatar.

The graphic novel depicts how Krishna restored Dharma on earth through his wisdom and courage when evil took over the land.
Through breathtaking artwork, the graphic novel takes the reader through the forests of Vrindavan, the sparkling cities of Dwarka and Indraprastha, and the bloody battlefield of Kurukshetra.
Several well-known episodes from Krishna’s childhood that hint at his divinity are presented and the author tells the story of his eventually growing into a morally courageous young man who advises the Pandavas and guides them through the course of the Mahabharata.

The story is simple, easy to follow but at times one may lose track of the story because of there being too many characters.
The language is crisp and lucid but the book may not be smooth reading for children on account of the philosophical discourses.
Krishna is not an easy person to write about but the book has beautifully covered all the aspects of his life in a very lucid manner. Krishna, in his role as defender of dharma, eradicates all that is unjust. The book will work for those who want to get a quick gist of Krishna’s life.
The graphics are appealing and force people to pick up the beautifully made volume. The wholesome illustrations are the best part of the book. They keep the reader hooked. This is a comic for young and old alike.

Source: Niti Central