A New Book by Stephen Knapp – Mysteries of the Ancient Vedic Empire


The Vedic culture is accepted by numerous scholars as one of the most sophisticated civilizations to appear after the last glacial period of 12,000 years ago. It developed in ancient India, and as the people populated the region, they also expanded and spread into other parts of the planet, taking much of their culture with them.

        This book takes us on a journey through history and across many countries as we point out similarities and remnants of the Vedic tradition that remain there to this day. These include forms of art, philosophy, religion, architecture, temples, ways of living, and so on. Such countries include: Nepal, Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Africa, the Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Central Asia, Greece, Italy, Germany, Russia, Ireland, Scandinavia, the Americas, and more.

        This book also explains:

        * How many religions in the world have features that clearly descended from the oldest form of spiritual knowledge and truth as found in Vedic Dharma.

        * How Vedic Dharma is still relevant today and can help establish peace through its timeless spiritual wisdom.

        * It also helps unravel and reveal the true nature of the Vedic civilization, and how and why it infiltrated and contributed to so many areas and cultures of the world.

        * It also shows a mysterious side of history that few others have recognized.

        This book will help anyone understand how the advanced nature of the Vedic civilization and its universal spiritual principles fit into the development of so many other cultures and still contributes to the upliftment of society today.

        This book is the follow-up of a previous volume called Proof of Vedic Culture’s Global Existence, but with completely different information and resources, as well as updates, written in a more academic style, using hundreds of references, quotes and notes to verify all the information that is used.




A LOOK AT THE DYNAMICS OF INDIA The Wide Influence of Vedic India * The Spiritual Aspect–Still Attractive Today * Greatness of Vedas * The Age of Vedic Culture * General Area of the Vedic Aryans * Distortions of India’s History * Vedic Texts Offer No Homeland Outside of India * There was No Aryan Invasion * No Warring Invaders Within or Into Harappa * Uncovering the Hidden Agenda * The First Recorded Migrations Out of Ancient India * Other Reasons for Migrations Out of India * Ancient Indians Could Cross the Seas * Preserving the Vedic Culture of India * Conclusion

CHAPTER TWO SOUTHEAST ASIA’S VEDIC INFLUENCE Bhutan * Tibet CHAPTER THREE VEDIC CULTURE IN NEPAL Muktinatha * Janakpur CHAPTER FOUR THE VEDIC INFLUENCE IN SRI LANKA Ramayana Sites in Sri Lanka * The Kidnapping of Sita by Ravana * Search for Sita * Hanuman Meets Sita at Ashok Vatika and is Captured by Ravana * Sita is Hidden After the Visit of Hanuman * Tunnel Network * Preparing for Battle * War Breaks Out * The Fall of Ravana * After the War * Other Places of Interest Connected to the Ramayana in Sri Lanka CHAPTER FIVE THE VEDIC CULTURE IN MYANMAR (BURMA) CHAPTER SIX VEDIC CULTURE IN THAILAND AND LAOS Vedic Culture in Laos CHAPTER SEVEN VEDIC CULTURE IN CAMBODIA The Decline * Angkor Wat: A Great Temple and Tribute to Vedic Culture * Seeing the Temple * Astrological Significance in Angkor Wat * The Yugas Configured into the Dimensions of the Angkor Wat Bridge * Some Astrological Influence Found in the Panels * The Significance in Angkor Thom * Seeing Other Vedic Temples at Angkor * More Vedic Temples Being Discovered in Cambodia * Conclusion CHAPTER EIGHT VEDIC CULTURE IN VIETNAM Present Vedic Cham Sites CHAPTER NINE THE VEDIC INFLUENCE IN MALAYSIA AND THE PHILIPPINES Malayan Arts and Crafts * Malaysia Today * The Philippines CHAPTER TEN THE VEDIC INFLUENCE IN INDONESIA Sumatra * Java * Seeing Vedic Culture in Java * Java’s Mayan Pyramid * Bali * Ubud * Denpasar * Pura Besakih * Other Areas * Lombok * Borneo * The Future CHAPTER ELEVEN NEW ZEALAND: THE VEDIC INFLUENCE FOUND IN THE MAORI CULTURE CHAPTER TWELVE THE VEDIC CONTRIBUTIONS IN CHINA, JAPAN AND KOREA Chinese Philosophy * Report From The Hindu on China’s Forgotten Connection With India * Looking at Japan * Vedic God’s in Japan * Further Evidence of Vedic Influence * The Vedic Influence in Korea CHAPTER THIRTEEN THE VEDIC INFLUENCE FOUND IN THE AMERICAS North America * Archaeological Evidence for the First North American Natives * More About Beringia * Many Old World People Visited or Came to the Americas * Other Cultures in the Americas * Ancient North America and its Vedic Connections * Another Story on How the Vedic Tribes of Central Asia Came to North America * The Vedic Connections with the Dene Traditions * Present American Indian Tribes of the Dene * Another Theory of Native American Origins * The Sioux * The Cherokee * The Reasons for Foreign Traditions in the Americas * The Hopi * The Basis of Kokopelli * Interview With Felicity O’Rourke on Customs of Native Americans * Central and South America * Early Settlers From Southeast Asia * Reaching Central America From the East * Advanced East Indian Sailing in the Early Vedic Texts * Discovering Indian Artifacts in Central America * East Indian Food in America * Cotton From India * Mexican Board Games * The Maya Culture * About Maya Danava–the Architect * Mayan Civilization and India * The Maya Pantheon * Maya Literature * Popol Vuh Says the Maya Came From the East * The Maya Creation Story in the Popol Vuh and the Vedic Connections * Maya Archeology * Maya Astronomy * Mayan and Vedic Calendars * Maya Hand Symbols * Vastu and the Name Chilambalam * Similarities Between India and Central American Art * More Vedic Artifacts in Central America * Conclusion on the Maya * The Aztec Culture * Aztecs From Across the Sea * Spanish Vandalism * The Inca * Seeing the Sites Today * Vedic Heritage in the Amazon * Conclusion CHAPTER FOURTEEN THE SIGNS OF VEDIC CULTURE IN THE MIDDLE EAST Trade Between Mesopotamia and the Indus/Sarasvati Civilization * The Trading Port of Lothal * The Chaldeans * The Zend Avesta * Date of Zarathustra * The Sumerians * The Kassites * Syria * The Hittites and Mitannis * Lebanon and the Druze * The Global Flood in Various Cultures * Universal Creation Through the Word * Turkey CHAPTER FIFTEEN SIGNS OF VEDIC INFLUENCE IN AFGHANISTAN Afghanistan as Part of India * Shaivism in Afghanistan * Ganesh in Afghanistan * Additional Vedic Connections * Conclusion CHAPTER SIXTEEN SIGNS OF VEDIC INFLUENCE IN IRAQ AND IRAN Sufism * Early Muslims Were Receptive to Vedic Thought CHAPTER SEVENTEEN VEDIC CONNECTIONS IN EGYPT The Cow and Bull in Egypt * Akhenaten’s Vedic Family Connection * Egyptian Temples * Egyptian Deities Taken Out of the Temples * Egyptian Worship of the Ancestors * A More Recent Discovery CHAPTER EIGHTEEN THE VEDIC INFLUENCE IN AFRICA Looking at the Spiritual Connections Between Africa and Vedic Culture * Conclusion CHAPTER NINETEEN THE VEDIC CONTRIBUTIONS IN ARABIA The Arab Appreciation for Indian Knowledge * Vedic Literature in Arabia * Vedic Source of the Arabic Gods CHAPTER TWENTY THE VEDIC CONTRIBUTIONS IN GREECE Recognizing India in Greece * Hercules * Greek and Vedic Similarities * Vedic Effects on Greek Philosophy * The Spirituality of Pythagoras * Vedic Culture in Greek Literature * Greek Fables * Invention of the Chariot was not Greek * Greek and Indic Trade * Greece Pottery Making * Conclusion on the Vedic Influence in Greece CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE THE VEDIC INFLUENCE IN ITALY Roman Mithraism CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO THE VEDIC INFLUENCE IN RUSSIA AND CENTRAL ASIA Vedic Culture in Siberia * Ancient Vedic Deities Found in Russia * Aryan Burial Found in Russian City of Omsk * Vedic Culture in Central Asia CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE VEDIC CULTURE IN GERMANY, IRELAND AND SCANDINAVIA Ancient Half-Man, Half-Lion Discovery * Ireland * Celtic Philosophy * Scandinavia * Norway CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR HOW THE ESSENCE OF RELIGION CAME FROM VEDIC CULTURE CONCLUSION APPENDIX ONE CAN VEDIC DHARMA BRING PEACE TO THE WORLD? Factors That Keep Us Apart * Having Spiritual Vision * Seeing the Divinity in Each of Us APPENDIX TWO THE ISSUE OF THE PROTO-INDO-EUROPEAN LANGUAGE The Indo-European Language Family * Location of the Proto-Indo-European Language * Another Look at Sanskrit * Not Everyone Agrees With the Proto-Indo-European Language Theory * Conclusion APPENDIX THREE GONDWANALAND: ANOTHER VIEW OF ANCIENT CULTURAL EXCHANGE NOTES / REFERENCES / GLOSSARY / INDEX / ABOUT THE AUTHOR


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