A Unique Hindu Way of Appreciating Teachers By: Ayush Sharma

unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamedA Unique Hindu Way of Appreciating Teachers
By: Ayush Sharma

In the traditional Hindu belief system, the teacher is regarded extremely highly. After the mother and father, the teacher is said to have the greatest influence on a child’s development. Although we all admire and respect our teachers, our actions may not always convey this message. For the ninth year in a row, Hindu Education Foundation (HEF) has taken up the responsibility of reminding us to show our teachers the respect they deserve.
HEF is a project of ( Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh ) HSS for creating awareness and understanding about Hindu Dharma in community in general and educators in particular.

HEF volunteers conduct Guru Vandana, or teacher appreciation, events all over the nation. Last year, teachers were respected in the traditional Hindu way in 39 different locations around the US, including numerous events in Texas.

This year, there were a total of eight events hosted across Texas with four in Houston, three in Dallas, and one in San Antonio. Over 100 teachers were honored in Houston alone, and a total of 252 teachers were honored all over the state. The events took place over the May 9th and 16th weekends.

HEF takes a very unique approach to respecting the teachers. First of all, children are asked to invite all of their teachers, not only their “favorite ones.” And yes, this includes the teacher that gives the incredibly difficult calculus tests every week. This is because Hindus believe that all teachers should be respected since they are the ones who remove ignorance from our lives.

When teachers arrive to the events, they are greeted with student made posters and displays explaining concepts from Hinduism. The events start with the lighting of a lamp to signify the removal of darkness. The main program contains a presentation to introduce the concept of a Guru to the teachers and to discuss misconceptions in Hinduism. There are also cultural programs such as dances, skits, and musical performances. During the program, the teachers are called onto the stage to be honored by being given a small token of respect from their students. The events are followed by an Indian vegetarian dinner that the teachers always appreciate.

Ayush Sharma is a second year chemical engineering and pre-med student at the University of Texas at Austin.

Source: WHN Media Network

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