Arjun Sampath US Visit – FYI & Seeking Support



I am glad to inform you that, I will be visiting United states of America from the 13th of august 2015 to 15th September 2015. I am being invited by the American Hindu Mahashabha, to the addressing the gathering in Houston on the Indian Independence Day, 15th August 2015, celebrating the Hindu Memorial day along with the Indian Independence day.

I am being honoured at a conference in New York followed by my address commemorating the Hindu Ektha Divas on 30th August 2015. I will be interested to meet Hindu enthusiast during my visit to the US. Where you have any contacts or associations in US I would be more than happy to visit and exchange views and share ideas and make the visit more fruitful. We greatly appreciate your support to make this trip a success. If you have any contact information that will be of use please let me know to this mail id or you can reach me at: 94221 54833 & 98422 44833.


Arjun Sampath

Leader-Hindu makkal Katchi அன்புடன் , அர்ஜுன் சம்பத் (இந்து மக்கள் கட்சி).

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Source: WHN Media Network