Armed Muslim mob of 20,000 attacks Hindus, burns shops in J&K

The attacks began right after Eid prayers. The police came late, and did little or nothing to rein in the mob. Here is a press release from VHP International Working President Dr Pravin Togadia, “J&K Kishtwad Hindus Must get Justice, 1990 will not be allowed to repeat: Says VHP,” slightly edited for clarity, fromSanghmarg, August 9 (thanks to Narain):New Delhi, August 9, 2013: After today’s Eid Namaz, an armed mob of 20,000 Muslims marched toward Hindus & attacked them. Many Hindus were severely injured & some are critical. While this was happening, a big mob attacked & burnt shops & houses owned by Hindus. Serious arson, looting & murders went on for a long time, until the morning Namaz. Until the afternoon there was no help from the Government. Then came police, but they were of no use. Many Hindu youth are in hospitals with bullet injuries in their arms & abdomen. In the afternoon, the Government sent the Army there, but with no orders to shoot the killers on sight. The mob went on a rampage. The Army kept on doing a flag march & the info from there is that the 20,000-strong mob even looted army weapons.

VHP International Working President Dr Pravin Togadia said, “VHP demands immediate action on all 20,000 in the mob that attacked minority Hindus there. It also should be found out who really led such a big mob when there should have been security in the valley after Pakistan’s attacks on the LOC. Such big violence against Hindus continued all day long & how is it that nobody intervened to really protect the Hindus?”

VHP also demands resignation of the J&K Home Minister for his role in the Kishtwad attacks on Hindus. Those who are injured should immediately get adequate compensation. Those whose houses were burnt should be given compensation a the market rate of the house & all materials to rebuild their houses. Hindus whose shops were burnt should be compensated for the losses of their goods & shop establishments, as well as for the loss of probable business.

In 1990, similar violent tactics were followed by the Kashmiri Separatists to kill & chase away Hindus from Kashmir. Now they have advanced, & on the border of Jammu in Kishtwad, Rajauri, such attacks have been taking place. It is the sole responsibility of the state & the Union Govt to protect each Hindu in J&K, failing which the Hon. Supreme Court should take suo motto note & order the army to shoot at sight on those who attack Hindus there.

VHP & Hindu Human Rights Commission Team assisted by a retired police officer, an eminent lawyer, other Hindu organizations & a social worker will visit Kishtwad soon as soon as the curfew is lifted. The team should be given all cooperation as Minority Commission is supposed to get. The report will be made public.

VHP, Bajrang Dal in Jammu have protested today & demanded immediate action to protect Hindus & punish the attackers.