Ashok ji Singhal’s Unfinished Wish – A Majestic Lord Ram Temple: Rahul Chandra


In Nov 2015 at World Hindu Congress 2014, when Ashok ji Singhal roared that after eight hundred years,  ‘Bharat’ (India)  is now in the control of a patriot Hindu ruler (referring to Indian PM Narendra Modi led NDA’s victory) , it was applauded and received with a thunderous response from more than two thousand  Hindu dignitaries from eighty countries. It was a proud moment for all Hindus, it was also hoped that in the next upcoming years, there will be a robust political – social push for long pending demand of Hindu society – Lord Ram temple build up at Hindu sacred site of Ayodhya (Lord Ram, a prominent Hindu god was born in the sacred land of Ayodhya, Muslim ruler Babur constructed a Mosque right on that birth place, later that make shift Mosque was demolished in 1992 by devout Hindus, in brief – Lord Ram to Hindus is equivalent to Prophet Mohammad to Muslims and Jesus to Christians).

IUnfortunately, Ashok ji Singhal couldn’t see that happen in his life, it was his only and final wish to see a majestic Lord Ram Temple in Ayodhya – a wish that remains unfinished today.

In mid-2013, when I met Ashok ji Singhal at his Mumbai residence and apprised him of anti VHP powers operating in America within US Sangh Parivar and asked for his cooperation in taking it to RSS leadership, he told me “Rahul – Try your best to join Hindus together & let Dharma law separate such Hindus form the good”, he was a very high conscious saint.  He also lauded efforts of Ramesh Shah, senior US Ekal Vidyalaya leader for his voluntary services. On being asked on VHP support for Narendra Modi, he said Modi has total VHP support.

Per many Hindu leaders who spend time with Ashok ji Singhal, he had two chronic nostalgic pains in his life. Here it’s important to mention that Ashok ji Singhal was one rare leader who had an emotional heart when it comes to Hindu cause and his workers.

First – the fact that hundreds of workers from VHP, Bajrang Dal & Shiv Sena ranks were mercilessly murdered by police bullets of the then UP administration under Samajwadi Party and in spite of so much loss of life of innocent Kar Sevaks (Hindu volunteers), money & material collection from across the world the sacred mission couldn’t be completed. For example two young Kothari brothers from Kolkata, only sons of a family were murdered by police bullets of UP Govt. Many other such stories of sacrifices can make even the toughest man cry.  Today the birth place of Lord Ram is an official ‘disputed zone’ and is in dilapidated condition.

Per one senior Hindu leader, A. Joshi from New York, In many of his visits abroad in US and Europe, many Indian’s used to taunt him with slogan ‘Ashok ji – Ram Mandir Kab Banega, kab banaooge’ , (when will Lord Rama Temple be built Mr. Ashok, when will you build it). Such Indians were basically making sarcasm of his helplessness to push BJP govt. PM’s furthering Ram Janam Bhoomi movement & mocking his global Hindu authority. He could be seen visibly upset at such comments and often ignored answering.

Second – Ashok ji Singhal was visibly distressed because of the political apathy he received from top BJP leaders in absolute power. Whether it was Atal ji Bihari Vajpayee Government in 1998 or the current Govt. of Narendra ji Modi. It’s important to note that Ashok ji Singhal was key figure in mobilizing his millions of VHP and Bajrang Dal workers in making Indians aware of dangers of Congress Govt. and vote for Modi led NDA for better Hindu human rights. He even snubbed many including senior VHP leader Dr. Pravin Togadia during 2014 elections and took a heavy pro-Narendra Modi lead himself bypassing all criticism for the sake of victory for Indian PM Narendra Modi.

Unfortunately, the entire Hindu political fraternity disappointed him. While ex-PM Atal Bihari ji Vajpayee had a ‘reasonable excuse’ to offset Ram Temple build-up in lieu of managing a thirty political party coalition who had the power to bring his Govt. down if Atal Bihari ji Vajpayee Govt. proceed further to build a Lord Ram Temple. Today under the leadership of Govt. of Narendra ji Modi, the development agenda is in force and Hindutva agenda is shelved. There are mixed statements from NDA Govt. when it comes to Lord Ram Temple and no clear path to Lord Ram Temple build up is seen in near horizon. Now with the sad demise of Ashok ji Singhal, many fear that this Hindu demand will go in cold box and belittling hundreds of sacrificed life.

Today, Govt. of Narendra ji Modi is in total absolute power and can bring a law, start a conversation with opposing party, take them into confidence, get legal dispute diluted and proceed further with the construction of Lord Ram Temple build up. If Hindus can give up esteemed land areas to Muslims pan India to build up Mosques, civic Muslim society of India will not mind giving up that land area for Lord Ram Temple build up.

Hindus will greatly appreciate that. That would be a true tribune to Ashok ji Singhal & Hindu society will forever be thankful to such Government.


RCK - CopyThe author, Mr. Rahul Chandra is a senior Indo–American writer and speaker on global Hindu empowerment and a old timer senior VHP functionary. 


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