Attack on Hinduism Betrays Ignorance


* I read with amazement about two Baptist pastors referring to Hindus as “pagans and cultists” (“Angry Baptists Decry Sale of Church to ‘Pagan’ Hindus,” Aug. 5). I also read Prithvi Raj Singh’s highly civilized and restrained comment on such brutal verbal assault.

For a minute I thought I was living in another country and another era. I am flabbergasted at such arrogance and ignorance. I would like to ask (the pastors) these questions: Who gave you exclusive rights to God’s domain? Secondly, what ever happened to love of fellow man?

Hinduism has 800 million followers and has a rich, 4,000-year-old history. We have beautiful traditions. I am Hindu American and like numerous Hindu Americans, contribute richly to Southern California’s economy by hard work and immense devotion to my family. We are not armed and dangerous zealots and have not blown up anything, as far as I can remember. We believe in nonviolence and pretty much keep to ourselves. We do not insult other religions.

I hope the opinions expressed by these zealots are their own misgivings and not those of any particular group. I sincerely hope that they realize that God has nothing but love for mankind and most certainly doesn’t need a few people claiming exclusive rights to his domain.