Mumbai High Court : Takes serious note of proofs submitted by HJS on corruption by Mandir Committee

pandharpur_vitthalMandirMumbai High Court has agreed to all the demands made by HJS and fixed the date of next hearing as 8th December 2014.

Mumbai : Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has filed public interest litigation (PIL) against corruption by Committee of  Sri Vitthal-Rukmini Devasthan, Pandharpur.  Mumbai High Court has taken serious note of the accusations made by HJS.

An affidavit has been filed on behalf of the above Devasthan Committee wherein it has been stated that at least title of 1000 acres of land needs to be re-established. The Chief Officer Sanjay Teli is holding two posts viz. Dy. zonal officer in Revenue Department and the Chief Officer of Devasthan Committee.

Devasthan Committee has requested for appointment of a full-time Chief Officer as Teli has not been able to give adequate time. The Court took serious note of all proofs submitted by HJS along with PIL.

1. Devasthan Committee (Committee) should apply to officers in respective departments for registering its name on the land which is not in possession of the Committee. After applying, officer from Revenue Department should complete the process as early as possible. A copy of verdict passed in this case should be made available to the concerned officer from Revenue Department.

2. The Committee should take a review of lands which are in its name, land which are lying vacant or in case there is encroachment.

3. District Collector of Sholapur should provide manpower to the Committee till a full-time Chief Officer is appointed.

4. In case there is no encroachment on the land, the Committee should immediately put fencing.

5. The Government should take decision by 4th October on appointment of full-time Chief Officer.

6. The District Collector of Sholapur should submit an affidavit by 2nd December 2014, on the action taken by the Committee on compliance of legal requirements.

7. The Committee should file an affidavit about the action taken by the Committee by 2nd December 2014.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat