Baba Ramdev varsity compiles ‘Herbal Encyclopaedia’

The Patanjali University, run by yoga guru Baba Ramdev, is compiling a “Herbal Encyclopaedia”, which will list over 55,000 herbal plants that have a curative effect. The encyclopedia may run into 80-90 volumes and could take another three years before it is formally launched.

According to a Patanjali activist, the encyclopaedia promises to be the world’s largest book that will contain all possible information. “The Patanjali University in Haridwar is working on the encyclopedia. Out of the 4.5 lakh species of plants, our experts have shortlisted about 55,000 that have definite medicinal properties and have also been tested,” an aide of Baba Ramdev told this newspaper in Lucknow.

The encyclopaedia will carry photographs of the herbal plants, give details about their medicinal properties and explain how they are to be consumed for curative purposes. Besides, the availability of the particular plant will also be listed.

“In some plants, the root is used for curative purposes, while for others, the flowers and leaves are used. All this will be explained in detail so that the reader does not have any problem in treating himself,” the aide said.

The encyclopaedia will have the botanical names of the plants as well as the local name of the plant.
“Some plants are known by different names in different regions of India and also have different names in other countries. All these names will be included while listing,” he further said.

Sources at the Patanjali University said that a dedicated team of experts was working on the project and each plant was being studied before being included in the volume.

“We are also planning to come up with translations of the encyclopaedia in various Indian and foreign languages and this may take more time,” he stated.

Baba Ramdev, it may be recalled, has created a Yoga revolution in the country and abroad, especially among the young generation.

He has also renewed interest in herbal foods and herbal therapies, and the Herbal Encyclopaedia is an extension of the same. His herbal products are being sold across the country through Patanjali outlets. “Baba Ramdev has become a brand name in the world of Yoga and herbal which are interlinked,” the Ramdev aide added.

We want people to learn more about herbal therapy and use it to their own advantage and the Herbal Encyclopedia will be an important milestone in this direction,” the aide added.

Source: The Asian Age