Bangladesh: Hindu families are in trouble, threated by Muslims

imagesLakshman Hazra lives in the village of Dhaspara within the jurisdiction police station of Gangasagar in the district of South 24 Paraganas and is known to be gentle in the neighborhood. But he can’t live a normal life anymore owing to recurrent threats by Sheikh Azad, wine seller in the same village. Trouble started on 3 rd March at noon when a few drunkards came out of Sheikh Azad’s residence and fell down before the residence of Lakshman Hazra. The incident led to a ruckus in the village and Hindu women were found stating how the booze businesses had destroyed sanity in the village. Lakshman Hazra joined them as well and at that moment, Sheikh Azad came out of his residence in a rage and vowed to teach Lakshman a brutal lesson. He also called Hindu women protesting names. The threat was enough to terrify Lakshman and so, to save himself he contacted members of local panchayat, proved incapable ultimately to save him from the wrath of Sheikh Azad.

Following advices of panchayat’s members, he filed a complaint in the local police station but they are reluctant to investigate and in the meantime, Sheikh Azad’s threats continue. It has also been learnt, Azad, enraged by the police diary, has contacted a few strong-armers from neighboring villages to get hold of Lakshman Hazra. Lakshman is having sleepless nights at the moment.

Source: Hindu Samhati