Battle of Rajasthan – Hindu martial prowess crushed brutal Islamists

Bankim Chandra Chatterjee once lamented since Bengali Hindus are not interested to maintain their own history. But this grave mistake is not limited to Bengalis only – Hindus, on the whole, remain naïve to maintain own history or else the chronicle of Battle of Rajasthan where a Hindu alliance routed Islamists marching all the way from Arab to wrest power from Hindus would not have been forgotten.
The fierceness, desperation of Hindus in the war continues to amaze us still. We do experience a feeling of awe to learn how a small band of Hindu warriors fought so fiercely that the large, dispirited and beleaguered Muslim army had to go back to the Indus river resulting in the stoppage of Islamic invasions into India for (almost) the next two centuries.
When we Hindus mull over people’s resistance episodes of Stalingrad and bloody resistance of Germans against advancing Soviet Army (both during World War II) knock us before anything else.
But the Battle of Rajasthan outmatches those even – Hindu martial prowess (turned into a casualty by now) continuing unabated from the days of Vedas till then without respite triumphed to save the sanctity of Dharma.
Can there be any new Nagabhata or Vikramaditya among Hindus these days?

Source: Hindusamhati