Be aware of need to change the wretched condition of nation and Dharma while celebrating Diwali


Listen to heart-rending cry of ‘Gou-mata’ !

Demand ban on cow-slaughter in whole country !

After 66 years of independence, rulers of all parties, with their (mis) deeds, have allowed 66,000 legal and illegal slaughter-houses, (which sprung up at the rate of 1000 per year!) to operate in this country ! 50,000 cattle are slaughtered every day in India. Goa Bench of Mumbai High Court had granted permission to fanatics for slaughtering cattle on the occasion of Bakri Eid on 5th October at a slaughter-house at Usgaon, Goa. That time, disregarding Court’s orders, fanatics had carried out illegal cow-slaughter even at other places. Different body-parts of cattle were found floating in Velus River at Valpoi in Goa.


Think rationally about burning effigy of Narakasur  !

A custom is followed in Goa and nearby places to celebrate Srikrushna’s victory over Narakasur, by burning effigies of Narakasur. Rampant malpractices have been observed in this sincec the past few years. One of them is burning effigies on the road. The iron nails, strips used to make such effigies are found strewn all over the road after burning which leads to wheels getting punctured, nails piercing people’s feet etc. which is extremely troublesome for people. Narakasur’s effigies should, therefore, be burnt not on the roads but at some other place. Create awareness towards other malpractices (like collecting donations by force) as it is our duty to look after welfare of our nation and Dharma while observing such traditions and celebrating religious festivals.


Celebrate Deepavali in traditional manner, abide by Dharma !

Nowadays, it has become a practice to go on trips during Diwali vacation. Everyone thinks about where to go 
and how to enjoy this vacation instead of enjoying such festival at home, performing ‘puja’ etc. Another trend 
being followed nowadays in cities like Mumbai – Pune is that music programs are organized at early morning at
 5.00 or 6.00 a.m. on the days of Diwali like Narak Chaturdashi or Padava etc. and it is unfortunate that Hindus 
also give priority to attending such programs instead of doing ‘Dharmacharan’.  

Hindu youth ! This ‘Bhau-beej’ vow to protect your sisters !

The statistics show that in India, 36 women are raped in every hour; so protect women/ sisters and mothers and give them the gift of ‘Bhau-beej’ in the true sense. Explain benefits of ‘Dharmacharan’ and spiritual practice to all young women and prepare them for self-defence !



Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti