Be united, shun hatred, Hindus told

6165566-word-cloud-concept-illustration-of-hinduism-religionPejawar Seer Vishweshatheertha Swami called upon people belonging to Hindu community to stay united and not to adopt hatredness in the name of untouchability and inequality.

The seer, who visited Dalit colonies near Babbu Swami Temple in Nittur to invite them to Virat Hindu Samajosthsava to be held at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College grounds on March 9, said he is against eliminating the caste system. He said unity should prevail among all caste men staying in the caste system.

The sustenance of caste system is essential, however, the concept of communal disharmony would prove disastrous. The seer said harmony should be built among all caste men.

Categorically stating that he is not into any political party, he said he would never contest polls. The visit is not a poll gimmick or any sort of political agenda, he clarified. He urged the Dalit community men to come out from the depressed condition of life and try to live life as any upper caste individual.

Discard untouchability

He stressed that the feeling of untouchability should be eliminated from the mindset of the Dalit community men. They are also human beings they to have the right to go to the temples and Mandirs. They should get rid off all sort of hesitation and indulge themselves in the mainstream of the society. An atmosphere should be created for Dalits, so that they can also live their life with dignity.

Pointing out that no other religion practices the concept of untouchability, the seer  added that the Hindu community should discard the notion of the untouchability to be more stronger then ever. He stressed practicing untouchability is huge insult to the community men. He added that one can never find the concept of untouchability prevailing in the religion like Islam and Christianity.

The seer said unless and until the lower caste men are supported and they are taken towards development, the Hindu community is less likely to be developed. The seer called upon the Dalit community men to be proud for being Dalit.  The temples and Mutts are devoid of any caste discrimination, the seer added.

Elaborating over the prayer offered by Dalits, the seer added that all Dalits practice Hinduism and offer prayers to Hindu gods. He counseled the Dalits to oppose the concept of conversion. The seer opposed inter religion and intercaste marriages. He said the intercaste marriages would ruin the sanctity of the Brahmanism and the practices would impure the notion of Brahmanism. He said the priest who offers prayer to the Gods in temple should not be non vegetarians. He stressed the tradition and culture of Brahmins should sustain. However at the same time there should be equality among Hindus.

The idea of Brahmanism and equality and unity among Hindus  should happen simultaneously. The people who quit non-vegetarian food and alcohol and take ‘Deekshe’ are like a Brahmin. 

Saint Madhawacharya has also supported the thought of equality similar to the preaching of Basavanna, he added. The seer donated Rs 5000 for the development of Babbu Swami temple and visited the houses of N Boja, Appi, Somappa, Babu Nittur and Chandravati. He discussed their problems and urged them to remain united to eliminate the untouchability in Hinduism.

Source: Deccan Herald