Bhagavata Gita at Seton University in USA

bhagavadgitaAmerican University teaches Bhagavad Gita

November 2008: Bhagavad Gita has becomecompulsory for every student joining Seton Hall University. This is a catholic university founded in 1856. The translation of Bhagavad Gita by Stephen E Mitchell is the text. None of the teachers are Hindu.
The university wanted a transformational course that will influence the character and life of the students. It wanted a course that seeks answers to perennial questions like the purpose of life, why are we here,where are we going “The journey of transformation”

Seton Hall consists of more than 10,800 students and this is a core course for all students, whatever the discipline.
America is becoming increasingly more spiritual as predicted by Swami Vivekananda over 120 years ago.

[The Bhagavad Gita is universally acknowledged as one of the world’s literary and spiritual masterpieces. It has been treasured by American writers from Emerson and Thoreau to T. S. Eliot, who have called it one of the greatest philosophical poems in the world.]

Source: Raghavans