Biggest Global Yezidi Delegation To Visit India

yazidi-delegation-visits-religious-authority-sistaniThe Yezidis are from Northern Iraq , but now spread across the world due to centuries of Islamic persecution. They have survived 74 genocides in history. Their numbers have come down from 23 million to less than 1 million

Yet they still believe in Reincarnation (Punarjanm)  just like any other Dharmic faith. They also worship the Sun or Surya Devta. And they refuse to give up their religion even under severe persecution. Recently 25 Yezidi women were killed by demonic Islamic State (ISIS)  because they refused to convert to Islam  even after being raped for 4 months continuously. 
Please see this video to know about the current genocide. 10,000 men were killed, 7000 women were taken hostages and sold as sex slaves by ISIS. 5,00,000 people became refugees. 
The Yezidi team will be there in Delhi from the 22nd to the 27th of January
22nd – Meet Dr. Swamy
They are available for interview on 23rd, 24th and 25th of January
Dr. Shilpi Tiwari    —– 
Achalesh Amar —–
Swadesh Katoch —–
Santosh Dogra —–
Souptik Mukherjee —–
The following is the delegation
1) Khdr Hajoyan – Vice President, Yezidi National Union, giving leadership to the Yezidis in Armenia, Georgia and Russia – which is the largest Yezidi population outside Iraq. They believe Yezidis to be a 6674 yrs old separate nation in perpetuity
2) Barfo Tomayan – she heads the Yezidi National Union in France
3) Gulie Khalaf – she represents the Yezidis in Lincon, Nebraska, USA – the biggest concentration of Yezidis in North America. She had accompanied Guruji, Sri Sri Ravi Shanker to Iraq on a fact finding mission in the refugee camps risking her life. 
4) Kamal Dayaa – he represents the Yezidis in Canada. Also representing the Yezidi Human Rights Organization International – the largest Yezidi Human Rights Organization in the world
5) Mavi Mirza –  she represents the Yezidis from Sweden
6) Darwish from Iraq – had attended the World Hindu Congress before
7) Laila from USA – she represents Yazda
The entire movement has been documented in articles given in the link below – including Sri Sri’s visit to Iraq
Vande Mataram,
​Source: WHN Media Network​