Biography of Shiva-Chhatrapati needs to be published in every language – H.H. Sambhajirao Bhide


Sri Durgamata ‘Daud (run)’ concluded with lot of enthusiasm !
Why the rulers don’t realize what H.H. Sambhajirao Bhide (Guruji) does ?

The rulers only claim to govern the State keeping Shiva-Chhatrapati as ideal but do nothing in reality; so people should take such rulers to task when they come begging for votes during this election !

H.H. Guruji concluding ‘ Durgamata Daud ‘

Sangli (Maharashtra) : Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj created persons who sacrificed life for God, nation and Dharma. It is, therefore, expected from the Prime Minister of this country that biography of Shiva-Chhatrapati to be published in every language. H.H. Sambhajirao Bhide (Guruji) said that his biography should be taught even in courses of army and navy. H.H. Bhide Guruji was speaking during conclusion program of Sri Durgamata ‘daud’ (running) program. The program was attended by several ‘Dharakaris’ (pro-Hindu activists of Shri Shiv Pratishthan) ; besides, Shri. Sudhir Gadgil, MP Sanjaykaka Patil, former MLA Shri. Nitinraje Shinde, Shri. Suresh Patil and Digambar Jadhav.

Guidance given by H.H. Bhide (Guruji) ….

1. Next ‘Gada-kot’ movement will be undertaken from ‘Pratap Gada’ to ‘Sajjan Gada’ via ‘Saptarshi Gada’.

2. We see weapons in hand but it is actually the mind that fights; therefore, our mind has to be very strong.

3. Sri Durgamata should be worshipped for upliftment of this country and we should always remember that welfare of the country is the goal of our life.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat