Birh anniversiry of Hindu’s Narsimha celebrated on 11th May as Vaisakha Suddha Chaturdasi


The birth place of Sri Rama is Ayodhya, of Krishna is Mathura. Other incarnations took place in other places. To day Vaisakha Suddha Chaturdasi . Eons back it was on this day Sri Mahavishnu took man-lion form, Nrsimha. This descent, avatar took place in Mulasthan. To day it is called Multan and is in Pakistan. The temple that was there was far more ancient than Ayodhya and Mathura and far more magnificent as well from few accounts we can gather. It is no exaggeration to note that pillars were made of gold.

Please note India of yore was not socialist secular India. It was Hindu, hence very prosperous. Some of that prosperity still left , safe say near Sri Padmanabha Swami temple in Thiruvanantapuram is an example what our people have built, a prosperous society with out being burdened with socialism and burka secularism. Now the loot of this temple riches also got started is a different matter.

Let us go back to Multan, Nrsimha temple. The temple before the loot inaugurated with ‘first Pakistani’, Mohd bin Qasim starting with Sind, was of such significance and opulence, when the place fell to Mohammedan invaders, the deity and the temple were held as hostages to prevent Hindu counter attack. Fearing their destruction Hindu forces held back. Any way subsequently it was a matter of time when both the temple and people devoted to it in the town followed by defenders were all put to torch and sword. And what ever subsequent attempts made to renovate it also came to face destruction again and again, in 1947 partition holocaust and 1992. What exists to day like so many temples near to it, and far from it as far south as Kerala and north in Kashmir and in other directions as well which were reduced to rubble by Islamic ax, Nrsimha temple to day is in same condition with very few Hindus around whose status is even more miserable in Pakistan. Please see some more details in this regard below. (1)

A nation is as strong as its capacity to bounce back. It is not uncommon even great ones fall down now and then in a battle. Even Sri Rama, Laxmana fell down on battle field. But victory comes to those who get up,fight back and vanquish the enemy. That was what was done to Ravana, Indrajit by Rama and Laxmana. India thus is not a weak country nor Hindus a defeatist race. No other nation or people bounced back like India and Hindus. Certainly neither are poor,in fact the material riches matched spiritual wealth. The invaders did not come to India to ‘uplift lower castes’ as the non existent virtues ascribed to them by eminent historians of Marxist Macaulay variety, but to loot India’s wealth built by her people the Hindus.

There is no reason to settle for status quo with large parts of India vivisected , subjugated under which any trace of Hindu presence ancestral culture, ethos , all are sought to be erased completely. And the destruction is spilling over to India’s side as well, eg Kashmir. So even though one could shrug shoulders and say let by gone be by gone, India cannot afford it . Also the ideology the enemy subscribes to ,does not permit it either . Peace only when every trace of Kufr is wiped out .And of course then they fight with each other, that is a different story and is no comfort to Hindu victims neither from Pakistan ,nor from Kashmir or Bangladesh. So Himalayan blunders of yesteryears need to be corrected.

India is rising again . In fact India to day is more strong than any time during last 1000 years or more in spite of being broken up. People of India as well as those who admire Hindu civilization,culture are all looking for renaissance. When we talk of renaissance of India, it is synonymous with Hindu renaissance, In fact the term Hindu and Indian are synonymous as well . Needless to say it is only because of Hindu ethos that there is pluralism and democracy in India. A strong Hindu society is thus the only guarantee for safety and security of minorities.

Israel published a book on diaspora of its people, Jews. They have noted admiringly it was only in India they were treated with out discrimination and they never suffered as long as Hindu rule existed. Jews in India were tiniest minority but safe in Kerala, then ruled by Hindu Jamorins. But this tiny minority too suffered, along with Hindu when the area came to be dominated by Mohammedan invaders. This too was noted in that book. Also note it is only in India where both Sunnis and Shias can go to their respective mosques without fear of being shot at by the other side as in Pakistan . So Hindu strength to maintain virtues like pluralism,freedom of religions ,freedom of expression and all such that go along with democracy cannot be over emphasized.

Hindu culture and civilization are centered around temples. A temple used to be an university as well . Hence by necessity renaissance should start with renovation of our ancient temples and sites. Significance of such measures go far beyond mere symbolism.

Israelis sang ‘next year in Jerusalem’ for two thousand years, as a society they were far more weak than Hindu today. Jewish nation existed only in hope and dream. Yet they persevered, patiently with determination. And they won rising from abysmal depths to day to a status where even combined might of their adversaries is no match to their strength both of will and arms.

So what is there to prevent India , Hindus of India to correct Himalayan blunders of yester years to bring about much needed renaissance that should well begin with renovation of our temples starting with Ayodhya, Mathura, Kasi , Kashmir and then Multan etc. Sardar Patel, K M Munshi did just that with Somanath temple replacing a mosque there. Temple is there now so are Muslims in the area, same way when above mentioned temples are reclaimed, renovated it does not mean there has to be corresponding destruction of some thing else. Destruction of any kind is not Hindu ethos but always constructive and all inclusive. Here some more things about Hindu or Vedic Culture from source other than that of Indian origin enclosed below.


May Sri Nrsimha extend his protection to all righteous help them to uphold morality for peace and prosperity .

Best wishes.

G V Chelvapilla

P.S: To day also happen to be anniversary of Pokharan II that firmly placed India as nuclear weapon state.


Prahladpuri Temple, Multan – ISKCON Desire Tree – Devotee Network
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The Prahladapuri temple like the Sun Temple of Multan had been destroyed after Muslim conquest of Multan, suffered several material

“The motivational speaker, who left his corporate job ten years ago to foster the spread of Hindu and Vedic culture in the West, looks like a typical American till he opens his mouth.” – The India Times (2008)

“Jeffrey Armstrong is the most dynamic speaker on Hindu Dharma in the world!”
David Frawley, Founder and Director of the American Institute for Vedic Studies in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Around the world there are three rapidly evolving groups of followers of the Hindu Dharma. In India, there are 750 million Hindus struggling with the residual effects of colonization and a national and political crisis of identity. Another 30 million Hindus live as immigrants to other countries outside of India. They are trying to reunite on important issues that concern all Hindus, like education of the next generation and maintaining Hindu cultural values in often unfavorable environments. The third Hindu group consists of approximately 100 million Nava or new Hindus who are practicing some form of yoga and looking to India and Hindu/Vedic knowledge for guidance.
Jeffrey Armstrong (Kavindra Rishi) is working with all three of these groups. He travels to India on a regular basis to inspire and speak before civic groups, temples, ashrams, colleges and universities on overcoming the current challenges to Hindu identity in India. This includes: correct portrayal of Hindu identity in schools and texts, issues of health and preventive medicine, countering the dangerous effects of forcible conversions by Christians and Muslims, development of appropriate technology, and many more important Hindu issues.
As the Media and Communications Director for both the Vedic Friends Association (VFA) and the Hindu Collective Initiative for North America (HCI-NA), and as an adjunct professor for Hindu University, he travels the world speaking to Hindu youth groups, academic conferences, temples, and Hindu community groups to help restore the voice of Hindu Dharma throughout the world and to inspire the next generation of Hindu youth to be proud of their great Vedic/Sanatana Dharma heritage.
As a Nava-Hindu himself, Kavindra has been teaching the Vedic knowledge full-time for the last 14 years and is the founder and director of the Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts (VASA) which is dedicated to bringing the Hindu/Vedic Sanatana Dharma culture and knowledge to the entire world. In this role he speaks at corporations, yoga ashrams, yoga retreats, Ayurvedic medical and astrological conferences, Ayurvedic astrology conferences, and teaches a variety of seminars based on the Vedic knowledge.