BJP Yuba Morcha demonstrates for protection of Hindus in Bangladesh

BJP youth wing Bharatia Yuba Morcha has demonstrated before Bangladesh Visa office at Agartala last evening demanding protection of the minority Hindus in Bangladesh and adequate compensation to the victim families recently.

They have issued seven days ultimatum to first secretary of Bangladesh Mission here and threatened if any more incident happened on Hindus the party would prevent all business with Bangladesh.

The party alleged Hindus as well as Buddhists in Bangladesh were always under veiled threats and often attacks from their neighbors of majority community. Among various other ways, the very common practice was to pick up the easiest target the women, which have become multiple after recent general elections in Bangladesh.

“The idea is simple to compel the Hindus to leave their home and head for India leaving both their land and their other properties behind. This would then give the neighbor chance to grab the land and in a larger picture- a Hindu/minority free country, which we can’t tolerate,” alleged Pulak Debnath, General Secretary of Bharatia Yuba Morcha, Tripura state unit.

Meanwhile, police has arrested 24 demonstrators following complaints of ransacking Visa Office during protest against alleged atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh.

Police said Bangladesh authority alleged that the protestors resorted to unruly behaviour and damaged a table glass of the office in course of their submission of deputation to First Secretary to Bangladesh Agartala Mission Md Oyadur Rahaman.

However, BJP State President Sudhindra Dasgupta denied the allegation.