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             Please ref. Gita 2(40). This is DHARMA – KARMA or KARMA that is DHARMA. KARMA is never lost. Its reaction (reward =  KARMAPHALA) is never unaccounted. Reward is a must. It can’t be avoided. Scientifically it is the reaction of our action (KARMA). Hence – PHALA is a PRAKRATI GUNA.

         & nbsp;  It is under this KARMA’S reaction i.e. PRAKRATI GUNA, that the reward for even a small DHARMA-KARMA is security from MAHATO-BHAYA i.e. the highest fear from worst situation in our BYAKTA and ABYAKTA life i.e. APARA and PARA domains.

What and how much worst can be the events in our life??? What is event??? Please see the following natural law of EVENTS:-

“EVERY EVENT is preseded and lead by a pixel-event.”

No event can take place without one pixel event before and after that event. All events are a chain of pixel-events.

It is like different layers of bricks to make a house. A house cannot become a house unless each brick layer (pixel) is not having one layer just before and one layer just after this layer.

KARMA, being an event is also governed by the same PRAKRATI-GUNA.

PATANJALI has termed pixel-events as DRASHYAMA. 2 (18).

These DRASHYAMAS are made of PRAKASH (light), KRIYA (action)

and ISTHITI (Position)

Here, Prakash = SATOGUNA  =  S

           ;  KRIYA = RAJOGUNA    = R


SRT, the three PRAKRATI-GUNAS have evolved from PURUSHAH————————– The CHETAN – TATWA (CT) under its super intelligent mode i.e. VIKAR-AWASTHA (PARAM-GATI-VARIANT) of TATWAS.


This evolution is due to the various permutations & combinations of CT’S physical “P” and chemical “C” Co-ordinates under VIKARAWASTHA. It is CT’s first step under VIKARAWASTHA that TREGUNYAMAS, SRT, are evolved from the PURUSHAH——— the ultimate TATWA. Therefore, each of these PRAKRATI GUNAS, SRT, have their own P&C-pixel assigned by CT. This may be represented as:-

    S=PXCY                   ;               R=PSCT                ;                S=PACB

 BRAHMMA the                     VISHNU the                        MAHESHA the

    Creater          ;           ;           ;    Caretaker                                  Alternator



Ultimately each DRASHYAMA is chain built up with its own specific & discrete P&C-pixel-events. Please ref. Gita 7 (6.7).

GITA’S MAHATO BHAYAT 2(40) i.e. the biggest worst event, therefore, also has its own specific & discrete P&C-pixel-events. These pixel-events are results of our KARMAS i.e. KARMA PHALAS.

In case, we want to save ourselves from this MAHATO BHAYAT, during both BYAKTA and ABYAKTA periods of our total life span, we must maintain our KARMA’S pixel carefully so that the P&C values of our pixel-KARMAS are 24×7 directed towards URDHWA-GATI i.e. DHARMA-KARMAS ONLY. Gita 3(5).

Again, this skill of recognizing the difference between DHARMA-KARMAS and ADHARMA-KARMAS and maintaining the select DHARMA-KARMAS 24×7 ONLY, can be done by control of PBG x CBG pixel in our own BIO-MASS (DNA-design) by Self DNA Modification (SDM) technique of modern KRIYA-YOGA.

KRIYA =        Chiselling (SADHANA) for PBG x CBG Co-ordinates in our BIO-MASS.

YOGA = Adherence to this SADHANA 24×7. PATANJALI’S selected 100 SUUTTRAS and Gita’s selected 555 SLOKAS are means to do this SADHANA of BIO-MASS. Human being remain animals in the garb of human form in the absence of KRIYA-YOGA SADHANA. This is due to our superior DNA-design. In fact, human DNA is changing 24×7. We are evolving our own animals pixel under KARMA-BANDHANA (Nature) principles.

Though, our DNA-design is rigidly wrapped in AGYANAWASTHA under KARMA-phala principle since last millions of years, it is CT’S super intelligent-design provisions that we always have hidden capabaility in our DNA Strands for initiating steps towards GYANAWASTHA at any stage in our life. Please ref. Patanjali 4(23, 24) and Gita 18(61), 5 (8, 9, 10).

DHARMA-KARMA is ONLY (i) for human beings (ii) of human beings and (iii) by human beings. ONLY human beings have such a specific and discrete BIO-MASS-DNA-design, planted by CT, that the design can be self modified by us under proper YOGA-SADHANA. We humans, are, therefore, capable to develop and maintain such Physical “P” and Chemical “C” pixels 24×7 which are CT’s essentially designed requirement for achievement of BRAHMMA-GYANA (BG). It is very rare BIO-MASS-DNA-design status. It can be denoted by PBG x CBG in terms of modern scientific mode of the total physical and chemical conditions. (Co-ordinates) 24×7 in our life. Please ref. Gita 7(3) in this regard.

These PBG CBG pixel co-ordinates do contain the required PRAKRATI-GUNAS SATA, RAJA, and TAMA (SRT), in specific & discrete permutation & combinations which are super intelligently designed by PURUSHAH—— the CHETAN-TATWA (CT). This design of TATWAS, in human BIO-MASS, is the “ONLY” requirement for achievement of BG “ONLY” by human beings in this clusters of BRAHMMANDAS.

This has been called as KAIVALLYA status by Patanjali 4 (34). Such pixel values of SRT are evolved in human BIO-MASS (CHITTA), during CT’s super intelligent VIKARAWASTHA. Our planet earth is planned design of CT with such P&C-Co-ordinates that earth is the “ONLY” planet in Various BRAHMMAHNDAS suitable for PBG x CBG pixel.

It is under this super intelligent arrangement of CT for human BIO-MASS-DNA-design that only we humans are capable to do YOGA-SADHANA necessary for achievement of BG. This is the “ONLY” “DHARMA-KARMA” for human beings.

This DHARMA-KARMA does not ever fade away and it is a suitable BIO-MASS quality spreaded over PARA (invisible 96%) and APARA (visible 4%). Please ref. Gita 3 (40 to 47) confirming this CT’S KARMA in spiritual Cosmic-helioscopic style, we need to understand this through modern scientific style.

There is a big illusion in defining the “DHARMA-KARMA” for human beings. Ignorantly and most commonly, the following six human activities are understood as DHARMA-KARMAS:-

(1) Study of Vedas (2) YAGYA – offering to fire God (3) TAPAH – penance   (4) DANA – donations (5) GYANA – knowledge and (6) Other good KARMAS.

No doubt, these six KARMAS are good for humanity but these are only external BIO-MASS KARMAS hence not included in the ten LACCHANAS of DHARMA. These are internal DNA-designs achieved through proper YOGA-SADHANA, up to the level of Self DNA Modification (SDM). Please refer our scientific BRAHMMANDA Series (4).

SDM level YOGA-SADHANA is internal BIO-MASS (body) KRIYA-YOGA. This SADHANA includes Patanjali’s ASHTANGA–YOGA under GITA’S TATWA-YOGA i.e. BRAHMMA-VIDYA. Please ref. GITA 6 (40 to 46), 18(5) and 8 (28).

Shri KRISHNA has advised Arjuna to become YOGI instead of mastering the above six KARMAS.

It is under YOGA-KARMAS ONLY that URDHWA-GATI can be achieved which is necessary for SDM.

YOGA-KARMA is, therefore, the ONLY (KAIVAL) “DHARMA-KARMA”. Even a little DHARMA-KARMA can save us from falling in MAHATO-BHAYAT, Gita 2(40). This is the biggest fear of falling in ANDHA-KOOPA (Dark pitch)  situated in PARA and APARA domains for millions of years under our KARMA BANDHANA principle of nature.

Please also ref. Patanjali SUUTTRAS 1 (14, 24, 43, 45) regarding elevation of human BIO-MASS-DNA (TATWA) towards achievement of BG. These above six good external KARMAS get automatically evolved in human KARMAS through BHAVAS (thoughts) after these ten LACCHANAS of internal BIO-KARMA pixel are injected in our body through SDM SADHANA.

It is as per CT’S super intelligent design, under VIKARAWASTHA of ultimate TATWA (matter), that human DNA-strands have specific and discrete deep hidden genetic-memory circuits for YOGA-SADHANA. This way human BIO-MASS is superior amongst 8.4 millions YONIS (BIO-FORMS). It is 100% assured by CT’S design of P&C-pixel for human BIO-MASS that mutation from APARA TATWA to PARA TATWA is possible during SDM.

Human BIO-MASS has limited KARMA freedom which is enough for doing SDM up to BG.

This freedom is available to us through balancing (SADHANA) of SEVEN BIO-TATWAS in our body. These seven TATWAS of human BIO-MASS are:-

(1) RASA (food extracts) (2) RAKTA (Blood) (3) MANSA (Flesh) (4) MAIDA (5) ASTHI (BONES) (6) MAJJA (7) SHUKRA (Semen).

Maintenance of proper required permutated and combinated P&C-pixels of these seven TATWAS and various permutation and combinations of the three PRAKRATI GUNAS, SRT is required to be done 24×7 under SDM. This is what it is done by human intelligence (MANA + BUDDHI).

This mentioned 24×7 SADHANA does not mean stop to our day to day life KARMAS. BG does not mean discarding “any” of our essential life activities. We must know that SDM technique brings in the best ways in all PARA & APARA fields. All of our life KARMAS get elevated to best quality under SDM. This is a boon to human BIO-MASS ONLY (KAIVAL) granted by CT in His design. Gita 2 (50).

It is this modus operandi of PURUSHAH—– the almighty CT, that human DNA-design can be 100% controlled through this and “ONLY THIS” P&C-pixel control factory of seven TATWAS and SRT. This act of control is SDM i.e. the DHARMA-KARMA capable to modify our DNA-Design in BG direction.


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Yogiraj Uma Dutt Mishra

(M. Sc Physics)

Special Studies in HUNGARY, FRANCE, UK,


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