California, Support Tapan Ghosh Event Today (Fri 9/25) in Fremont Hindu Temple at 7PM PST

–Overseas Friends of Hindu Samhati Appeal–
​”​Please support Tapan ji event today Friday 9/25 at Fremont Hindu Temple at 7PM local time. Jewish community leaders also are joining and will speak on the common threat humanity is facing. Your support makes all the difference.

What is happening in West Bengal where they sell Hindu girls and women publicly (Sandeshakali) has potential to happen anywhere in India as demography changes occur. Whether it is white minor girls in Rotterdam in UK, Yezidi girls in Middle East, 245,000 (see wiki) women raped in 1971 war in Bangldesh, daily 100 minor girls in West Bengal today, or the girls in Egypt, Wahabbism is global cancer that we as humanity has to take cognizance. Islam targets women the worst and we are seeing that played out in the world today.

What happens to these minor girls kidnapped off the streets is heartbreaking tragedy. They are sold into brothels and as ‘maids’ in Middle East which are really sex slaves. What we saw in New Delhi with Nepali women where the Saudi diplomat not only raped his ‘maids, but brought in seven to eight men daily to rape their ‘maids’, forcing unnatural sex and cared less if they had infections, we are dealing with people who have lost their humanity in the name of religion.

Imagine the agony of a parent whose child life is snuffed out before it had a chance to flower. Though from poor families, many of these parents are sending their children to study and have better life than they had.

Please participate, spread the word, support these events. If we do not speak out today, the future of generations after us will be same.

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Daughter Tuktuki restored to parents & Hindu Samhati relief efforts

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Source: WHN Media Network