Chanakya International Foundation announces “Mission 2019 Survey”


May 27, 2014

Chanakya International Foundation announces “Mission 2019 Survey”

The 50 years of Congress and 10 years of UPA (including Congress) rule has greatly damaged our Dharma, Bharatiya values, and institutions. In the last decade, great scholars like Rajiv Malhotra, Subramanian Swamy, Pandit Vamdev Shastri, Arun Shourie, Milind Oak, and others have brought new insights against propaganda meant to destroy “Dharma Foundations of Bharat.”

The 2014 Lok Sabha elections have brought new hope for protecting our Dharma from the clutches of leftist rule, Christian soft-power invasions, and Islamic Jihadis. A government holds tremendous power to introduce revolutionary changes to protect our Dharma. Some changes can be made through legislative processes such as removing section of article 370, the common civil codes, or removing bias against the majority in favor of minorities in the name of secularism, etc. Others can be implemented through executive orders like restricting foreign funding, making appointments to the University Grant Commission, research institutions, various government councils, Indian embassies, or changing national school and college curriculums.

The Chanakya International Foundation of North America (CIF) invites people from all Dharmic traditions to complete a qualitative survey to prepare roadmap for “Mission 2019.” The foundation would like to solicit opinion and ideas about the executive changes that can help to protect and strengthen our Dharma beyond 2014. This survey has 10 themes, mostly focused on external relations, culture, threats, media, and intellectual arenas. Each has a brief explanation and suggested examples for participants’ convenience and to understand the intent of the survey.

This survey will take approximately an hour to complete, however a thought process to collect the ideas may take few days.

A participation in this study is completely voluntary. There are no foreseeable risks associated with this project. However, if the participant feels uncomfortable answering any questions, he/she can withdraw from the survey at any point. It is very important for us to learn the participants’ opinions.

Here is the link to complete the survey:

Survey responses will be strictly confidential and data from this research will be reported only in the aggregate. The information will be coded and will remain confidential. If participants have questions at any time about the survey or the procedures, he/she may contact CIF by email at:

The deadline to complete the survey is June 30, 2014.

Source: Jaydeep Chaudhari via. WHN Publisher E-mail