Chandigarh: Shabad, bhangra in fields mark Baisakhi in city schools

8cf4cd2c-1b12-49d1-bd72-14ab8ddd55b6MediumResBaisakhi, being one of the major festivals of Punjabis, was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and gaiety at various schools of the tricity. To mark the festival, schools organised various events for children, who also visited fields and performed bhangra.

Tiny-Tots’ Foundation School

Tiny-Tots’ Foundation School on Sunday celebrated Baisakhi, a vibrant harvest festival on the school campus, with fervour. The event was held considering the importance of the festival in Punjab. On this occasion, Baisakhi songs were sung during the assembly. Sonia Singh, vice-principal of the school, said, “The festival of harvest teaches us to value the efforts put in by farmers in the field.”The school children also participated in colour-making activity on the Baisakhi theme.

Shemrock Senior Secondary School

The Baisakhi festival was celebrated with religious fervour at Shemrock Senior Secondary School, Sector 69, SAS Nagar. The entire school campus was beautifully decorated with charts, buntings made by the school students. The school staff and students were dressed up in traditional wears. On this occasion, a colourful cultural programme highlighting the importance of the day was also held.

Meanwhile, Shabad, speeches by the school students on the historical importance of Baisakhi, were also held. Students attired in traditional dresses also went to nearby fields and performed bhangra, along with the farmers working. Principal SK Sharma explained the importance of the day.

Source: Hindustan Times