Chelvapilla Analysis – How Do Americans feel about Trump’s travel ban ?


Dear Friends,

We know how cousins of main stream media in India, the main stream media (MSM) in US feel about Trump’s ban on Moslem migration from 7 Moslem majority nations in the world. But how do American people in general feel, do they support Trump’s measure or like protest crowds oppose him ? See the poll below. Trump trumps over his media and democratic party opponents who still have not learnt to say ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism ‘.

Poll shows majority of Americans support him. Travel ban became one of Trump’s most popular executive orders.

What does this result tell us ? Like we saw in India, in US as well, the MSM is totally disconnected from the public. They project their own views as news, instead of saying what they are saying is their opinion,not news.

The protesters as well fail to realize the mood of people in general. Americans after seeing what was happening to Europe or happened in Middle East and after having having direct experience of imported terror albeit in smaller scale in US, are disgusted with politically correct approach, want some thing concrete be done. Mr Trump won election promising just that, and now he trying to keep his word – Make America Safe Again.

Source: World Hindu News (WHN)

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