CLOSING WORD: Who is afraid of the Hindu nation?

NGOs as instruments of hate and fratricide
For Indians who are aware of the anti-Hindu agendas of Christian, Islamic and Communist organisations in India and abroad, it is neither shocking nor surprising that numerous NGOs have sprung up throughout the country, which act as sole agents for these alien and hostile organisations. As we come to know from the few, but meticulously written articles of this book, most of these agents are mercenaries of alien masters, and that they are best described as Nehruvian secularists. The Macaulayan pat on the shoulder for submissive behaviour has been loyally sustained and well-absorbed by Nehruvian Stalinism, which epithet describes the Nehruvian-Stalinist policy of sharing the loot among acolytes and relatives.

From the Mitrokhin revelations, we also know that the policy of working for alien imperialist agencies had been vigorously flourishing even after India’s so-called independence in 1947. This type of activity is generally designated as treason and is punishable by law, but on the contrary, we have seen that such behaviour is more than unsuitably rewarded with Government patronage, privilege and high position in society. We see numerous, unscrupulous Indians like Harsh Mander still prospering on dishonour. There are thousands of Manders out there with a different upbringing and educational background, but all have one thing in common – they are all Nehruvian secularists and Marxists working against Hindu India and the native traditions that brought forth them. Is it only greed or an evil mindset cast by India’s enemies?

Like any other instrument, an NGO can be used for good or for bad. For foreign powers that have illicit designs for a naturally democratic country like India, buying an NGO or a willing-to-be-bought activist would appear to be the simplest way to fulfil and implement their agenda. In India, which we understand had never been free from the imperialist powers of Christianity, Islam and Marxism, there is no shortage of custommade Harsh Manders. For instance, one Cedric Prakash, on assignment for the Vatican, but masquerading as a social worker in Gujarat, has been bending over backwards cheering and advocating for India’s enemies, especially Pakistan, when he is not painting the Hindu civilisation black.

Here, greed is the perk, where Christian and Islamic organisations combined with their Marxist cronies lead the traitors by their noses. To understand them better, one can go by their own allegories, which have two significant indications. In Christian tradition, the believing Christian is depicted as the sheep and the Muslim is the tiger. In the first indication, in Christianity, this image is taken further to make the clergy the shepherd dog or the hound of god juxtaposed against the lay sheep who include the already converted. The Christian metaphor extends also to those pagans and infidels who are potential converts – these are the ‘missing’ and the ‘black sheep’ who could be converted into obedient, sacrificial sheep in future. In reality though, the hound of god is the wolf that infiltrates the herd of sheep, and after taking control of it, finishes them off one at a time. Meanwhile, the tiger that is unseen, but is always there hiding behind the bushes, preys on the isolated sheep. In the second indication, this allegory is extended to their own ranks of victims. By systematic training and solid investment from abroad, the Christian sheep and the Islamic tigers are fed and fattened in such unnatural and aberrant circumstances (more or less like broiler chicken) that satiating the desire for wealth becomes secondary to the reserved seat in nowhere land, also known as Paradise or Houristan.

Modern-day Indian Marxists are closely enmeshed in the allegory by their own behaviour. They are the unscrupulous and vulgar hyenas chained to long transnational leashes, smacking their lips and waiting in the sidelines, while the more fierce carnivores (Christian wolves and Islamic tigers) devour the natural religionists. These carnivores don’t mind the despicable hyenas; they might even make a few adjustments here and there, throwing scraps at them, as a potential ally/agent against the Hindu as they perceive the Hindu ‘black sheep’ becoming resilient and even assertive.

The rewarding principle that is active in typical Abrahamic religionist behaviour (which Stalin imbibed and Nehru copied) lets the cat out of the bag – awards and funding go only to the Hindu-bashers; the ‘rewarding’ being a fingerprint of the ‘almighty God’ of Christians and Muslims (and the Marxist who blindly follows them from scripture to fanatic fervour). A totally naïve reader might ask at this point: What do Christians and Muslims from abroad achieve by proxy Hindu bashing?

The answer to this question lies in the answer to other questions: Why are the Abrahamic religionists, Marxists and Nehruvian secularists collectively frightened of Hindu nationalism? Why is political power for the Hindus a dreaded nightmare for imperialist religionists and ideologies across the world? The answer is: A successful and powerful Hindu nation poses a religious, psychological and cultural challenge to the very existence of these ideologies and cultures, because the very rise of Hindus is a success of all things natural that these enemies have been striving to exterminate. As if these enemies are afraid of the success of nature itself!

To understand the above answer better, one has to point out the peculiar feature of these ideologies, which are essentially based on pre-conditions on nature. For instance, humans, like all nature, are held to be inherently (genetically) primitive and evil, and the only solution for progress for humans in each of these ideologies is conversion to their respective ideology. For the sustenance of the foundations of their belief systems, Christians and Muslims (and Marxists following at their heels) have to deny certain aspects of reality, for instance, the nature of humanity itself. The score of all the cultural or civilisational progress that these ideologies feign to possess has been dependent on how they compare themselves (converts to these ideologies) with those who have not converted (natural), in this case the Hindus. So, the rise of Hindu nationalism and Hindu economic and political power signals the failure of systems that have been striving to put down the Hindu and what the Hindu signifies. Therefore, a Hindu nation is a threat to the very existence of these frail ideologies, which go against the grain of human nature and reality itself.

The Christian and Islamic religious organisations are no governmental organisations, but they presume and act as if they are supra-governmental organisations. They are no more and no less than any other NGO, but to gullible folk they issue fatwas and pastoral letters, which are meant to override the rule of law of a nation on the premise that these religions don’t respect the concepts of nation and democracy. Government sources in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, who wish to remain anonymous, confide that many Christian churches have not paid the State Government revenue for decades for the immense plantations run on vast encroached lands. The Christian and Islamic clergy are members of exclusive, professional, religious, non-governmental and non-democratic organisations and are to be viewed by us Indians as agents of transnational institutions who have antinational, anti-democratic and fascist agendas. If anybody were to have any doubts on that, check on their bye-laws (scriptures) and historical track records.

National and cultural identities are neither recognised nor respected by these extra-territorial organisations, especially if these regional identities are not corrupted by conversion. The collective motivation of these organisations is not simply the annihilation of local identities, but its replacement with their ideologies, which our Hindu ancestors would discard as trash for their non-experiential primary principles. Any Christian or Islamic NGO is intrinsically a hate propagandist. No amount of washing and cleaning with the much advertised ‘love’ and ‘peace’ soaps will ever remove the systemic flaws of hate and internecine warfare that stain their theological cassocks and gelabas. All efforts of proselytisation by these religious organisations who work round-the-clock in India spring from the venom of hate and fratricide embedded in their scriptures. The nefarious activities of the NGOs described in this book ultimately also stem from the same evil ideological fountain.

Hijacking of terms It might be well worth to distinguish between certain concepts that have become ambiguous in recent times due to tactical turnarounds of the Semitic consciousness in India. For instance, the word ‘secularism’, which denotes the ‘exclusion of religious considerations’, means ‘the appeasement of minority religions’ in India, ushered into vogue by the Nehruvians. On the same principle, the words ‘liberty’, ‘democracy’, etc., have taken different meanings in the hands of Christian fundamentalists who have included these terms in their list of Christian values. In actuality, the whole list is a fraudulent enterprise, because to them ‘liberty’ means the ‘freedom to convert natural people’ and ‘democracy’ means the ‘rule of the elite minority’. The real and original Christian values (‘original sin’ and ‘the poor and the meek shall inherit’) are exemplars of the malevolent deception of human consciousness, for these are anti-values at best, considering that ‘original sin’ and ‘poor/meek shall inherit’ are experientially false propositions.

In reality, the concepts of ‘liberty’ and ‘democracy’ came in the wake of the White man’s discovery of his pre-Semitic heritage that led to the European Renaissance, and it is a fallacy of Hindus and non-Hindus alike to believe that the above-said values, along with ‘freedom of expression’, have anything to do with Christianity or any of the Abrahamic religions. These modern human values originated in rationality and cultural progress, which is the natural inheritance of human consciousness, brought forth by bold rebellion within Western Christian culture. One may recall that Voltaire was persecuted by Christians for his belief in the natural goodness of humans, which is a premise that all Hindu thought intrinsically reflects. All modern, Western rational values have originated as a rebellion against the prevailing Semitic legacy of hate and fratricide, which inevitably manifested in fascism and oppression that characterised Europe not so long ago.

The phrase ‘human rights’ too has been given a twist by our Western Christian mates, whose child it is, and in whose glossary only the converts are considered ‘human’. This is logical thinking on their part, however, because the non-experiential basis of their ideology holds that the natural man is deficient of goodness and rationality and only by converting to their ideologies can the ‘unconverts’ (in this case, Hindus) be considered ‘human’. This explains why Kashmiri Pandits and poor Indian and Bangladeshi Hindu victims come outside the purview of their myopic ambit. In Hindu thought, conception of ‘rights’ for a particular being, like the human, is impossible, because their prime principles envisage every being, whether animal or human, as having its own rights and duties, which is termed ‘dharma’. One may also note that the ‘animal rights’ activism was born as a rebellion from within against the prevalent, primitive Christian sense and sensibility that gave birth to the ‘human rights’.

The corruption of Hindu terms such as jati, varna and kula by Western agencies also ultimately serves to push the agenda of keeping the Hindus on the backfoot, thus conserving the momentum started by Islamic invasions more than a millennium ago to erase them from the face of the earth.

The password to international success: ‘Anti-Hindu’
Guidelines for procuring lucrative international awards: Start your career by unleashing a tirade against the Hindus and Hindu civilisation. In order to become successful as a mercenary, start an NGO and visit the USA and tell the Christian fundamentalists there what they want to hear: how evil and backward the unconverted, pagan Hindus are. Compare them with Nazis and then on the way back home, make a stopover in Pakistan and talk ‘peace’ and mention the ‘atrocities’ committed by Indian soldiers in Kashmir. Punch the Hindu on the nose whenever you can, and if you have accrued enough points, you’ll start winning international awards. When the NGO accounts are in a mess, close shop and start another NGO. Nehruvian secularists with Hindu names are preferred for the NGO industry. The password is ‘Anti-Hindu’.

This password unites many combinations and bands of strange bedfellows, like the Christian and the Marxist, the Muslim and the Marxist, and the Christian and the Muslim, and all three of them together in an orgy. They gang up to laugh at their own ancestors and their own culture that sustains them. Probably money makes up for all the discomfort attached to their betrayal. It has also become very effective to bludgeon Hindus wielding the modern sensibilities of Western thought. It is a fashion nowadays for seemingly glamorous Nehruvian secularists to portray the Hindu way of life as degenerate by alluding to the various unsophisticated factors in the Indian daily life, such as sexual prudishness, which actually have been the ill-effects of centuries of Muslim and Christian rule.

The sense and sensibility of a nation and a culture can be discerned only in its art and literature. Look at some of the famous Hindu temple architecture and read some of the ancient Indian literature. Sexuality had never been an issue in ancient India. Homosexuality became a social prejudice in India only after the arrival of the European who biblically indulged in it and then outlawed it. The naturality of human nudity in India was perverted for the first time after the arrival of the first invader from the West. Now, it seems, the Macaulayan upstarts have started preaching the sexy sermon to the Hindus. There is no liberality existing in Western society, which had not existed in Hindu India at some point of time or the other.

The activists and NGOs portrayed in this book are all experienced mercenaries nourished by foreign funds and ideologies, and they display a hate and contempt for all things Hindu, reminiscent of the colonial hell-fire missionaries who were notorious for spitting sulphurous fumes at Hindu Gods. These old, mean missionaries from the West have been replaced, for obvious reasons, by paid, venom-spitting Nehruvian advocates who continue their demolition work of the ancient Indian civilisation. The activists picked up for scrutiny in this book have all one thing in common. Their colourful anti-Hindu rhetoric reverberating with anti-Hindu sentiments have all been carefully prepared to please their overseas paymasters. Starting from Arundhati Roy, the self-proclaimed ‘slave of the American empire’, to Sandeep Pandey, the undercover Maoist, there appears a substratum throughout their anti-national claims that reveals their ulterior motives. All of them have received ample compensation from foreign agencies for their mercenary efforts. And, it is a tell-tale evidence of foreign involvement that there is no home-sponsored NGO or activist short-listed in this book for sedition or treason. It is a hopeful sign, at the least, that Macaulay’s brood cannot function without the dollar.

The melodramatic tirade of the anti-Hindu brigade is often marinated in the ludicrous, for the speakers very well know that neither the so-called ‘fascist’ state of India nor the ‘Hindu Nazi and Taliban’ will pounce upon them like a real fascist government or the gruesome Taliban and decimate them. They mercilessly humiliate the brave Indian soldier or the principled pracharak knowing too well that the Hindus, frustrated or not, are not going to issue a fatwa against them, nor murder them like mad dogs on the street. On the contrary, these soldiers and pracharaks make their lives safe and secure from their own diabolical bedfellows. The venom of hate and contempt that these mercenary activists regurgitate can only freely flow in the singularly peaceable Hindu culture, which they are paid to abhor. Or else, how can one explain the fact that these activists still walk the street and lead free and peaceful lives despite their extremely provocative diatribe against a culture and a nation? If they would do the same against Pakistan, China or even the USA, they will know first hand what exactly fascist terror is. These activists are not only greedy mercenaries, but also cowards and hypocrites of the lowest order. If letting these lowly mercenaries carry on with their villainy without penalties is not evidence of the generosity and liberality of Hindu culture, then what could it be? This fact itself exposes the blatant lies and mercenary accusations of the Nehruvian-Stalinist tribe.

The insult to the Hindu Modi
Anti-Hindu activity dramatically increased as a result of the political success of Hindus, which was during the tenure of the BJP Government at the Centre. For the enemies of the Hindu civilisation who had banked on the inertial passivity of Hindus in all sectors, the demolition of the Babri Masjid was a shocking slap on the cheek. The consequent worldwide condemnation was followed by increased NGO activity that can best be compared to mobilisation of armies in the time of war. When the BJP Government carried out the nuclear tests in the latter half of the decade, the shock of the anti-Hindu brigade turned to panic. By that time, many of the spies and mercenaries were already dug in for the ambush, guns at the ready. And then rose one of the most successful Hindu leaders of modern India, Narendra Modi. And all the guns turned on Gujarat.

Hindus don’t really believe in coincidences; they would rather trust in the workings of karma and fate. But the choice of Godhra for the carnage of Hindus does not appear to be a coincidence even to an agnostic, given the background of the rising Hindu political power and a Hindu cultural renaissance. And there was Narendra Modi making Gujarat an exemplar of Hindu brilliance.

In the latter half of 1986, when I arrived in Ahmedabad for the first time, I wasn’t allowed to leave the railway station till it was past 6 in the morning. When I enquired, the reason was Hindu-Muslim riots. In 2002, once again, Muslim criminals played into the hands of the Nehruvian Stalinists, who engineered the Godhra incident. What followed was lapped up by the anti-Hindu brigade and their overseas sponsors as the rebellion in hell itself. The media blitz that unravelled in the subsequent days made it out as if Hindu-Muslim riots have never occurred before in India, not until Narendra Modi appeared on the scene, as if the Muslim bandits of yore who invaded India were always welcomed with flower garlands.

Thwarted again by a resilient Modi, the mercenaries bade their time polishing their shoes and pens plotting revenge. The news of Modi’s proposed trip to the USA came as an ideal opportunity for the bogus activists who scurried to the US with only one agenda in their itinerary. Humiliate Narendra Modi! For the US authorities, however, the anti-Hindu mercenary efforts were like what the doctor prescribed. All they needed were administered by the Nehruvians. Modi was denied a US visa. To see the whole picture behind the scenes, one needs to figure out what the US thinks of Hindutva and Modi.

For the US State Department and the CIA, and in fact for almost all the Western establishments, Narendra Modi symbolises the successful Hindutva politician who managed to secure a twothird majority in the Gujarat assembly. If this Hindutva tendency were to be emulated at the national level, the Hindus would soon have a Hindustan with a rewritten constitution, equal rights as other religions, uniform civil code, anti-conversion laws and the re-establishment of the pagan values of tolerance and humanism. And how on earth can one allow that? For the people who follow the Abrahamic faith, not taking the opportunity for a snub against the heathen would be a sin against the god in heaven. For George Bush, Condoleeza Rice and the whole retinue of Abrahamic extremists, Hinduism is not a religion, but the worship of the devil. That is the essence of what they are taught to believe in, and which they believe in. The insult to Modi is an insult to every Hindu, no matter what anyone believes in.

Had Narendra Modi been a Christian or a Muslim, or for that matter, a Marxist or a Nehruvian secularist like Rajiv Gandhi, the Gujarat riots notwithstanding, the US would not have denied a visa to him. Being a successful Hindu is enough reason today, particularly among those who swear on the Abrahamic God, for attracting humiliation. If the now deceased pope’s brazen declaration of intent to baptize the subcontinent and the crass Joshua evangelisation plan backed by George Bush were not blatant contempt for the Hindu culture, then what would it be? The new pope has meanwhile declared evangelisation as the prime motive of the Catholic Church.

Safeguards against the alien menace

NGOs and activists funded by anti-Hindu outfits are racking their brains scheming their next move against the Hindu civilisation. The foreign money flowing into India from abroad for Christian and Islamic organisations is completely unaccounted for. India’s Nehruvian Stalinists have already seen to it that Christian and Islamic coffers are left alone for carrying out their nefarious, imperialistic agendas. The amount of money pouring into India from Saudi Arabia for advancing its evil Wahabi ideas can only be guessed at. The recent Saudi plan for 1500 new madrasas in the subcontinent and the Christian Joshua Project running into billions of dollars testify to this accelerating offensive against natural religionists such as the Hindus. Without a constitutional mechanism in India to scourge these potent instruments of antinational forces, they have already proven to be a menace.

The kind of ideology that is flushed into the impressionable minds in Christian schools and Islamic madrasas strives to create a transnational loyalty in the subjects, which loyalty is however affected by the irrational holes in their respective belief systems. The sustained impartation of ‘incorrect knowledge’ to new generations is slowly leading Indians towards an identity crisis. For instance, the answer of Nehruvian Stalinists to the question – Who is an Indian? – is absolutely predictable. They would first deny that there ever was a Hindu India. They would try to give a sort of background that would negate even the remotest suggestion of a Hindu identity for the whole of India. They would completely deny that India was ever one country. So, they would say, the modern Indian is the descendant of migrant barbarians, the so-called Aryans, who were civilised by subsequent Muslims and Christians from the West. All the great things that you see or hear about India, according to these paid slaves of hatemongers, are achievements of Islamic and Christian heritage.

The California textbook issue is notable for bringing to the fore two aspects significant for the Hindu civilisation: one, the malignant karma of the Western, so-called ‘Indologists’ whose life-time academic enterprises are confined to tarnishing the Hindu civilisation. Second, it highlights the emergence of the unapologetic and proud Hindu who is leading the fightback in a foreign country. The battle lines have been clearly drawn. The anti-Hindu brigade led by Abrahamic religionists and Nehruvian foot soldiers on one side, and the dharmic Hindus (righteous pagans) on the other. This is the ultimate clash of civilisations, which would manifest sooner or later on every land in this world.

The need of the hour for Hindus is to stop the advance of these vicious enemies who try to decimate our national and cultural identity and our ideals of democracy and equality. No individual is above the rule of law, and if a breach has been made against the law and constitution, it is the duty of every right-minded citizen to aid our nation in getting rid of this menace. If the law has been subverted by hook or by crook, it is time for Hindus, the natural religionists of the subcontinent, to unite, to assert and take the matter into their own hands and make new laws that are both fair and congenial to the principles of a peaceable and progressive civilisation worldwide. I am sure this book would go a long way in disseminating correct information about the ongoing war against Hindus, in which NGOs act as the main conduits of hate and fratricide.

Source: Vigil