Congratulations to Hindu Samhati, its president Tapan Ghosh and other Hindu organizations

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On behalf of Indian American Intellectuals Forum, we heartily congratulate Hindu Samhati on its sixth anniversary rally in Kolkata, India on February 14, 2014, despite threats from Islamists, in which more than 35,000 Hindus from different parts of West Bengal participated with vigor and vitality and raised their voice against Islamist atrocities on Hindus.

Enclosed herewith please find a report and pictures of the massive rally.

Now it is incumbent on Hindu Samhati leaders to transform their organizing capability into a gigantic Hindu vote bank and use that power to reclaim West Bengal from anti-Hindu forces.

Narain Kataria

Despite threats from Islamists, thousands of Hindus join Hindu Samhati’s sixth anniversary rally in Kolkata, India

February 14, 2014 Kolkata (India)
Hindu Samhati organized a massive rally at Rani Rasmoni Avenue (Esplanade), Kolkata to commemorate their 6th anniversary. More than 35 thousands activists from different parts of West Bengal (India) assembled and roared in tune with speakers, against the continuation of Islamist atrocities on Hindus, in different parts of the State. The crowd protested the Islamic appeasement policies of the State administration that treats Hindus as second class citizen, dfespite them being in majority.

The rally was presided by Sri Tapan Ghosh (President, Hindu Samhati); Sri Bikarna Naskar (vice-president, Hindu Samhati); Sri Suresh Chavanke (Chairman, Sudarshan News Channel); Sri Suryakant Kelkar (National Convenor, Bharat Raksha Manch) and Swami Tejasanandaji Maharaj (Bholagiri Ashram, Haridwar).

Swami Tejasanandaji Maharaj, in his speech, appealed to everyone to follow the path of Dharma. He asked people to fight against evil with all vigour. Sri Suryakant Kelkar applauded the work of Hindu Samhati towards empowerment of Hindus. Sri Bikarna Naskar strongly attacked the State administration for their partisan role against Hindus. He warned the Government, not to treat Hindus as second class citizen in the State. Sri Suresh Chavanke claimed that his first visit to the State could not have been for any better cause than this rally. He applauded the activities of Hindu Samhati and promised to extend every support within the capacity of his news channel.

Sri Tapan Ghosh, in his speech, criticized the police administration for their dual treatment of Hindus and Muslims. He showed specific instances to establish the fact that the State Govt. is only interested in making policies that woo the Muslim “vote bank”. He appealed to the participants, to stand for their Rights as ensured in the Constitution of India.

Hindu Samhati overcame warnings and non-cooperation by the police and State administration to successfully organize this massive rally in the heart of Kolkata. The organization had to knock at the doors of Kolkata High Court for the third year in a row to justify its Constitutional right to free expression.

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