Council For The Nation Of Ezidihikhan Declares PM, Spell Out Priorities


Yezidi majority nation of Ezidihikhan recently declared the creation of an autonomous government to defend the Yezidi sovereignty ,culture ,and religion and to protect the religious and culture of indigenous tribes in Ezidhikhan. On August 24th  2017, the Yezidis in Shingal declared Ezidihikhan as a historic step to reclaim their sovereignty. The persecuted Yezidi people who believe that their ancestors were ancient Sumerians and Mesopotamians took this decision in the face of 74 genocides and possibility of more to follow.

The Ezidihikhan nation in declaring the formation of an Autonomous government and governing Council, elected the first Ezidihikhan government officials and gave approval to a legal and constitutional framework  that will be used to govern Ezidihikhan. The announcement was made during Ezidhikhan’s  council  meeting after years of planning.

The new government will consist of prime minister and 12 council members. Waheed Mandoo Hammo has been declared the Prime Minister.

The Yezidi community started the process towards autonomy with the blessings of supreme religious council and passing of a government guideline in which Ezidhikhan council attached their plans for protecting Yezidi,and other indigenous cultures. Education, rights of women and transgenders and protection of sacred sites have been kept the foremost priority.

Ezidikhan council members have shown desire to work together with the United Nations to uphold the fundamental human values and rights of all citizens of Ezidihikhan irrespective of race, gender, caste and religion. The council aims to have representatives from various Yezidi communities, organization  and religious leaders. It also aims to conduct free and open election in two years time. Elections will be open to all citizens irrespective of caste, gender and sexuality.

Every city and town will be administered by a local council under by local assemblies which be formed by general election through democratic means. Establishment of democratic institutions will be the topmost priority of the council.

The council will work to strengthen and provide healthcare and education to all citizens. Presently the entire Yezidi population has urgent healthcare needs to cater to a large population who have for years been forced to live in camps for internally displaced people with no clean drinking water facilities and pathetic sub-human conditions. Being persecuted for many generations, Yezidis have been denied education systematically. The council plans to bring a fundamental change to these conditions. Under persecution, living under Sharia Law, Yezidis have been denied fundamental human rights,  including rights for women and transgenders. The council sees restoring these rights as fundamental to the existence of Ezidihikhan.

Prime Minister Waheed Mandoo Hammo made the following statement while introducing the autonomous government. “The motivation for the new government grows out from the fact that KRG and PKK are trying to divide Yezidis into two Kurdish camps. Despite complaining for years, that Yezidis are distinct from Kurds in both faith and civilization and out of the compulsion to protect Yezidi interest and civilization we present our rights as an ancient, indigenous people of northern Iraq to demand and establish formation of Ezidihikhan. Yezidis today feel frustrated with lack of response for our complaints against KRG and PKK on how they have handled investigations against Peshmerga forces committing genocide against Yezidis by helping ISIS carry out the 74th genocide against the Yezidi people. This council of the nation of Ezidihikhan vows that a fair investigation to bring to justice all those who killed and raped our brothers, sisters and mothers will be carried out and none will be spared.”

Source: World Hindu News (WHN)