Court Battle Over Yoga Continues In Encinitas School System

Photo by Promisee YeeOn July 1st of last year, parentssuing the Encinitas Union School District for allowing several public schools to implement Ashtanga Yoga as part of their physical education curriculum, were unsuccessful in their lawsuit. San Diego Superior Court Judge John Meyer rejected the parents’ claims that classes were an unconstitutional promotion of Eastern religions.

The school district’s program is funded by a grant from the Sonima Foundation, an organization that advocates yoga practice and provides statistics showing that aside from physical benefits, children that participated in a yoga practice saw a decrease or recovery from ADHD and PTSD symptoms, experienced greater emotional balance and a reduction in feelings of stress, helplessness, fear and anxiety.

On the other side, parents and critics of the program argue that yoga violates the students’ First Amendment right to religious freedom and that the program imposes Hinduism on young impressionable children with tender consciences. Late last year, the law firm representing the parents said that they would appeal the decision with school district officials responding that they expected the original judgment to stand.

Both sides raise passionate arguments for their perspective on the issue, but one thing is undeniable: Encinitas still boasts one of the best school systems in San Diego County and is a great choice for finding your next family home.

Source: Carlsbad Patch