Cows Can Fight Crime: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh

The next time you want to correct another human of his (or her) wrong doings, just drag him (or her) to a cow nearby. But, make sure the cow is Indian and not a Jersey cow.

The reason given by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s is that keeping Indian cows near humans will help reduce crime and reform convicts.

If RSS has its way, you will soon be either preparing your ward for a ‘Gaugyaan Pariksha’ (your knowledge on cow) or have a new subject called Cow Science and will be nodding your head to ‘Gau Kathas’ (Cow stories) in temples.

It is reported that RSS plans to build 120 Kamadhenu Nagars (cow shelters) in India soon. The Kamadhenu Nagars will be built near to residential areas. It is said that the Hindu-outfit looks to bring these ‘sacred’ animals closer to people and make them revered.

RSS claims that the idea will also help reduce crime and reform convicts.

Shankar Lal, president of the Akhil Bharatiya Gau Sewa, an RSS affiliate, says that the cows can be protected only when they are made into an integral part of people’s lives.

In order to bring cows closer to humans, Shankar Lal is in talks with gated communities and residential areas, who are willing to accommodate cows and provide land for cow sheds. He adds that the ‘gaushalas’ will provide milk, medicines, milk products and Gobar gas to these colonies and in turn the colonies will help in upkeeping of the cow sheds.

It is reported that the Sangh has already identified more than 100 potential sites in West Bengal, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan for the purpose.

Well, it doesn’t end at building cow sheds, the RSS also specifies the breed, as cows of other breed do not serve the purpose.

“The cows kept in the shed will be of the pure Indian variety,” Lal said. He adds that for a crime-free Bharat, it is necessary that children drink only Indian cow’s milk because it makes them saatvik (virtuous).

What happens if you drink milk of Jersey Cows?

Well, Shankar Lal says that by drinking the milk of Jersey cows and buffaloes, people’s minds get harmful ideas, which make them criminals.

Cow sheds in schools

It is reported that the Sangh plans to start 80 Gokul Gurukuls (schools with cow sheds) in major residential schools this year. This comes as the Sangh believes that there could be nothing better than growing up with cattle, it is a tradition we are a part of.

Exams and courses on cows

The plan to get cows closer to human beings also includes increasing cow-based farming, building cow sheds in jails, a scholarship exam on cows for school students, a university to study cow science, a cow sanctuary in every state and weekly Gau Kathas in temples.

This decision is said to have come following the decrease in the number of cows from 70 crore to 15 crore.

It is reported that the Sangh plans to hold ‘gaugyaan pariksha’ every year to test students on their knowledge about the religious and social significance of cows in government schools.

“Such an exam was held in Rajasthan recently. Over 3 lakh students took the test. We want it to be held in other states too so that children take an interest in the significance of cows,” said Abhinav Sharma, an RSS pracharak associated with cow protection.

Prisoners to serve cows

Adding to cows having powers to reform convicts, Lal said that prisoners should serve cows, as it will bring about a change in the attitude of prisoners. To felicitate this, the Sangh plans to have cow sheds in prisons.

Source: The New Indian Express