Demonstrations by Rashtreeya Hindu Andolan at Malkapur and Solapur

Hindus protesting at Solapur

Solapur, February 6 (varta) – vheletamina Day and spread the lesions natyatila purity in the society is, every Life: Hindus be made to prevent such vikrtinna. Valentine’s Day celebrated as the family you should not start kutumbapasuca, as well as the office, the college should not be celebrated, Must try for. Ex-Councilors from Solapur thought that Mr. intense mood. Bapu is the dhage. Karyalayasamora from Solapur District Committee of the Hindu awareness, Yoga Vedanta Samiti, Hindu National Movement blond who was speaking to the firm involved.
Mrs. Hindu awareness of the Committee. Tiwari said, majesty, ghusakhoera Bangladeshi government issued the work of the regime, they posatehi, but do not know where the government Hindus refugees from Pakistan and bangaladesatuna. Unfortunately for the Hindus is a. The action came on for the Hindus should be your minimum bandhavam!
Pratishthan, Mr. Kesari at this time. Kedar priest, Ramesh Kulkarni Yoga Vedanta Samiti, Yogiraj harasure, ajoba Sri Ganapati Trust. Find Gangadhar, S Rajesh pukale, gopanapalli, expert Gujjar, Parasurama incage, Venkatesh madagundi, hundreds of Orthodox organization. Pailavana creeper, Mr.. Hiralala Tiwari, a hundred. Sridevi Patil, a hundred. Dinger, as well as its S Ramesh yard, little Satyanarayana, Srinivas gopanapalli were present. 70 हिंदुत्ववाद्यांनी keeping your present agitation of participation specified.
statement after Mr Deputy Collector. Shankar Jadhav said, this is a commendable initiative. We will continue to delay the apaprakara 100 percent. Education Extension Officer, Mr. Ashok places, he said, we can act by sending a letter from the school.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat