Devout Hindus in Nepal struggling for Hindu Rashtra, fasting unto death…..

Nepal Hindu Rashtra march Sept 1

Kathmandu tensed as pro-Hindu cadres marched in the prohibited zone with the demand of Hindu Rashtra. Police fire teargas, water at protesters in Baneshwor. 4 youths continue ‘fast unto death’ in Khulamanch in the demand of Hindu Rashtra in Nepal.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Kathmandu | Sept 1, 2015:: Tension ran high after the cadres of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party- Nepal (RPP-N) and another group of Nepali Congress Faction led by former Home Minister Khum Bdr Khadka demanding a Hindu-state tried to march in the prohibited area on Tuesday.

Nepal Police lobbed teargas canisters and water cannon to contain the agitating mob nearing the restricted zone, demanding restoration of Nepal as a Hindu state. A huge deployment Armed police stranded the public life for hours in the locality.

The clash ensued after the two groups of demonstrators – one led by RPP-N and the other by Nepali Congress leader Khum Bahadur Khadka – entered the restricted area from separated places, shouting slogans for reviving the Hindus Rastra and Hindu Kingdom in Nepal.

Meanwhile, RPP Nepal cadres have organised a sit-in at the western side of Constituent Assembly (CA) building in Baneshwor.

The party took out a rally from Tripureshwor that finally converged outside the CA at New Baneshwor.

RPP-N NDYU EXCO-member Abhishek Thapa told HENB, “Today’s program has been organised demanding the reinstatement of Nepal as a Hindu state.” Thapa further added, “Secularism was established without a proper mandate from people for the interest of limited leaders and groups connected with foreign counterparts. Now, we demand a referendum on issues like secularism, monarchy and federalism, if not Hindu Rastra in Nepal is not declared immediately”.

Also talking to myrepublica, a Nepal Police DSP stationed at the area surrounding the CA said that minimal pressure had been used while the demonstrators tried to breach the security forces’ cordon.

Many ‘Sadhus’ had also marched in the demonstration, but the Nepal Police thwarted them also as reported.

4 Hindu youth start fast unto death with demand to declare Nepal as Hindu Rashtra.

Fast unto Death for Hindu Rashtra Nepal

With the presence of Saints, Dharma Guru with their Sankalp,  4 Hindu youths, Sri Khem Nath Acharya, Sri Premnidhi Bharadwaj, Sri Sagar Katwal and Sri Kamal Prasad Joshi have started fast unto death at Khulmanch in Kathmandu since Aug 31. Twenty Seven (27) Hindu organisations are supporting this cause of Hindu Rashtra fasting, representatives of which may join in a really fasting if necessary.  During the fast they will only drink water and won’t be consuming any food.

In a statement, the Hindu Rashtra Maha Abhiyan pledged the cause of fasting for declaring Nepal as ‘Sanatan Hindu Rashtra’, Ban on Cow Slaughter, Prohibition of Christian Conversion and Promotion of Sanskrit and Vedic Culture in Nepal.

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Pic Courtesy: eKantipur | HJS.