Devout Hindus of Orissa-Haryana border have blown a trumpet of Dharmajagruti

Odisha-NewsRourkela (Odisha) : Mr. Mulchand Mittal, President of Birmitrapur Marwari Community said that, it is our duty unto Dharma to stop the transportation of thousands of Cows to Bangladesh and for that we have to try in earnest getting united.

On behalf of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) a Dharmasabha was organised in the village Taraga in Jharkhand to give education and creating awareness about Dharma. Mr. Prakash Malondkar of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and Mr. Sriram Kane of Sanatan Sanstha were present on the occasion. More than 350 devout Hindus around Taraga were present at the sabha. Mr. Malondkar said that, Hindus should unite forgetting caste, party, sect, organization and position to deal with the attacks on Hindu Dharma from all over. For that it is essential that, we should enhance pride for Dharma and abide by Dharma.

Highlights :

1. Young devout Hindus of VHP organised this Dhramasabha on their own. They were felicitated for that here.
2. Despite being 1 p.m. all including small children were sitting in the sun till the sabha ended.
3. Mr. Tiwari and Mr. Jayraj Thakur from Birmitrapur who were arrested while protecting cows were felicitated.
4. More than about 100 men-women were discussing at the venue even after the sabha.
5. Despite the sabha being held in a village, yet the villagers bought a good number of Sanatan’s Holy texts, products like video CDs etc.
6. At the end of the Sabha, all those present at the veue were made to chant the japa, ‘ Om Durgadavyai Namaha’.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat