Dharma-prasar activities undertaken by HJS during in October 2014 in Pune

HJS : Dharma-prasar activities undertaken in Pune (Maharashtra)

Joint campaign by Cummins India Pvt. Ltd. and HJS against pollution caused due to crackers against fireworks :
 A joint campaign was undertaken by Cummins India Pvt. Ltd. and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) to prevent pollution caused due to bursting of crackers. Cummins India Company does social work in the field of conservation of energy and environment. This Company Cummins also participated in HJS drive for protection of water reservoir at Khadakvasala.  

  1. – A. 1.  Representation to District Collector : Staff members of Cummins India and activists members of HJS jointly submitted a representation to the District Collector about ill effects of crackers. Shri. Suresh Jadhav, the Dy. District Collector, accepted the representation on behalf of the District Collector. Shri. Jadhav commended the drive and showed interest in joining it next year for creating awareness amongst children by approaching schools. Shri. Jadhav also asked for handbills on adverse effects of crackers for distribution among staff members in District Collector’s office. They too promised to keep away from crackers. 
   1. – A.2.  Awareness jointly created by Cummins and HJS 
  A.  Awareness was created amongst Administration and traders besides going door to door for propagation of 
the above drive, a door to door campaign on a large scale.

  B.  Cummins sponsored around 7000 handbills and distributed them at various places.

  C.  Awareness was created amongst big traders on Lakshmi Road about adverse effects of crackers. Similar awareness was created amongst 2000 citizens near statue of Maharshi Karve at Kothrud.

  D.  On 18.10.2014, staff members of Cummins India and HJS activists gave lecture on ill effects of crackers to students from 4th to 7th standards of Sanu Patel school; besides distributing handbills on the subject. The lecture was attended by 400 students and 6 teachers.  
  1. B.  Memorandum submitted in Grampanchayat and awareness created amongst sellers of crackers towards denigration of Deities : Shri. Deepak Agawane explained about denigration of Deities taking place through crackers in the Grampanchayat of Pirangut Grampanchayat near (Kothrud) and submitted memorandum for prevention of such denigration. Sou. Savitabai Pavale, Sarpanch and Shri. Rajabhau Wagh, Dy. Sarpanch called a meeting of 48 vendors of crackers to whom the Grampanchayat had granted permission for sale and in that meeting too Shri. Deepak Agawane explained the topic. 
  1. C.  Ill effects of crackers explained in schools : HJS presented the topic of denigration of Deities taking place through bursting of crackers with picture of Deities, in Saraswati Vidyalaya, Induri, Talegaon and 245 students attended the same. The Principal of the school bought 22 sets of sattvik products for gifting to teachers on the occasion of Diwali. 
  1. D.  Lecture conducted in school on science behind Diwali festival : HJS presented the topic of ‘Science behind Diwali festival’ in Kantilal Shah English medium school. It was attended by 800 students from tenth standard. The Principal of the school said after attending the lecture that it was the first time that the science behind Diwali was explained. He also asked students to write it in their notebooks during Diwali holidays.   
 1. E.  Representation submitted by advocates: Advocate Suresh Kulkarni contacted advocate Kedari from Talegaon. A representation was prepared on effects of crackers and signed by 20 advocates. It was then submitted to Police Inspector Shri. Jadhav at Vadgaon, Maval; by advocate Rashmi Mahajan and advocate Smt. Joshi, on behalf of Advocates’ Association. 
  1. F.  Propagation through Cable network : Shri. Pravin Powale, the Director of ‘Pravin Cable Network’ from Pirangut near Kothrud showed VCD on science behind celebration of Diwali, twice during the day, for 5 days. The channel has a viewership of 12000-13000 viewers watch this cable network; so awareness was created amongst them.    
 1. G. Guidance on science of Diwali festival to girls who are members of band playing drum/ trumpets etc. : There is a girls’ band of ‘Kasarwadi Matrubhoomi Pratishthan’ who play drum/ trumpets etc. Girls from this band
 were invited for guidance on science behind Diwali celebration. After Diwali, these girls showed interest in joining self-defence training class conducted by HJS. 
  1. F.  Exhibition of ‘sattvik’ products in program organized on Gandhi-Jayanti : An exhibition of Ayurvedic 
products manufactured by various companies was organized, on the occasion of Gandhi-jayanti, by Shri. Shivalinga Dhavaleshwar, the President of ‘Sant-Sai’ School, Bhosari who is also a reader of ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’; for promotion of indigineous products. HJS was invited to hold exhibition of sattvik products; the exhibition was held for 4 days. Around 3000 students and parents visited the exhibition. 
  1. G.  Book-exhibition held at Pragati Vidyalaya during Navaratri : On the day of ‘Ashtami’ during Navaratri 
festival, a program is held at Pragati Vidyalaya located on Sinhgad Road. HJS is being given an opportunity to 
hold exhibition in this program for past 6 years. The exhibition was visited by around 40 women.
  1. H. Owners of -Shivok- render apology after explaining about use of picture of Deity Shiva in denigrating manner in its advertisement of an exhibition held on Indian women and fashion :  Shri. Shiven Kapadia, the owner of -Shivok-company, Pune had held an exhibition on Indian women and fashion. It was observed that in advertisement of this exhibition, picture of Deity Shiva was used in denigrating manner. On the poster of advertisement for this exhibition, half picture of Deity Shiva was underlined and it was published in Pune Mirror issue dated 9.10.2014. HJS members and devout Hindus explained to Shri. Kapadia about denigration of Deities; after which he rendered apology; giving assurance that such denigration would not happen in future. He also gave an apology letter to HJS.  
  1. I.  Readers and well-wishers gifting sets of ‘sattvik’ products on the occasion of Diwali 
  i.  Shri. Shubre and Shri. Dinesh Bhirwadkar from Sinhgad Road; Shri. Sanjay Lembhe and reader Shri. Bhatkhande and Shri. Langote from Gaothan bought sets of Sanatan’s products for gifting to their relatives on the occasion of Diwali.

  ii.  Subscribers of weekly Sanatan Prabhat viz. Sou. Deepti Modak, Sou. Kukade, and owner of ‘Kaya Collections’, Shri. Prasad Dhirang bought sattvik products for gifting on the occasion of Diwali.

  iii.  Smt. Himani Savarkar, the national President of Abhinav Bharat bought 50 bottles of ‘sattvik attar’ for gifting 
to her relatives in Diwali programs. 
  1. J. Commendable participation of devout and jidnyasusdevotees and the curious in Dharma-prasar seva 
  1. J. 1.  Buying panchangs and distribution : Shri. Langote, the owner of ‘Ramakant Electricals’ and advertiser from Gaothan; Shri. Rakesh Sastakar and Shri. Anand Sharma, from Anandnagar and subscribers of weekly periodical; Shri. Anand Sharma (Manager, Dharnavat Group), Sou. Nikode, the Director of Pragati Vidyamandir from Warje, Kothrud and Shri. Kulkarni, well wisher of Sanatan bought Panchangs and helped in their distribution. 
  1. J. 2.  Seva of preparing ‘kandeel’ :  Sou. Selukar from Warje, Kothrud Kendra told Sou. Vaishali Kunte, a reader of ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’ about seva related to making ‘kandeels’ on the occasion of Diwali. She came for this seva continuously for 4 days. Her 9 year-old daughter studying in 3rd standard was explaining importance of ‘kandeels’ to her friend in her class; that time her teacher heard her and she too placed orderasked for a ‘kandeel’. 
 1. J.3.  Shri. Sunil Gaikwad of -Hindu Samiti-, Lonavala submitted representation regarding ill- effects of crackers to 11 vendors of crackers.

Shri. Shivaji (Appa) Yewale of BJP gifts Sanatan Panchang on the occasion of birthday on learning about importance of celebrating birthday as per Hindu calendar through Sanatan Prabhat ! : Shri. Shivaji (Appa) Yewale (former President BJP, Khadakvasala Constituency) from Sinhgad Road is a reader of ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’. He gives advertisement every yearadvertises and also uses Sanatan Panchang. Earlier, he used to celebrate his birthday on large scale (by display of flex boards etc.) as per the English calendar. This year, however, on learning about the importance of celebration of birthday as per Hindu calendar, he celebrated it on the ‘tithi’ in very simple manner; and instead of giving people other gifts on his birthday, he gave everyone a Sanatan panchang explaining its importance. –  (H. H.) Kum. Swati Khadye 
Sanatan Panchang is the only calendar which shows ‘the Day of displacement of Kashmiri Hindus’ ! : On the first Sunday of every month, Kashmiri Hindus get together at Lohgaon under the aegis of Panun Kashmir and perform ‘Homa-havan’. On this occasion, members of HJS were advised to organize books-exhibition at the venue. Shri. Rohit Bhat of Panun Kashmir said while explaining about books and Panchang that Sanatan Panchang was the only calendar where 14th September has been shown as the Day of displacement of Kashmiri Hindus. He has invited HJS members for every program held by Panun Kashmir for speaking about its activities.  –  (H. H.) Kum. Swati Khadye 

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat