Divali message of former councillor Paras Ramoutar

World in need of eternal light of Divali-

 Trinidad and Tobago needs the light of Divali, not only because of the covid19 pandemic, but to bring the national populace out of the darkness which surrounds the country at this time, according to former councillor Paras Ramoutar

“Yes, let us use the light of Divali to conquer this dreaded covid19 pandemic. With spirituality and truth Divali would crush the virus or any obstacle that stands in the way of unity and progress, “he said

Ramoutar said that the pandemic is wreaking havoc around the world and there is yet no vaccine to protect humans from its scourge. But we must not weaken, we must have faith.

Ramoutar continued “Here in TT we have had to cancel several major cultural and religious events at which thousands of people gather every year, including Divali Nagar (it went virtual for the first time), Carnival, Panorama – even mass political meetings during the general election.”

All the peoples of this world, regardless of social, economic, cultural or ethnic backgrounds, must use the message and eternal light of Divali to usher the world into order and respect, he said

“We must not ignore the serious spirituality of Divali. It is not a one-day affair. Divali must become part of our everyday lives as it offers spiritual, moral and ethical values and thoughts,” he said.

Ramoutar added : “We must respect and imbibe the teachings of Divali, and we must take a serious  look at its message because it can lead us to principles of truth, honesty, integrity and provide lessons for a peaceful society and world”.

He said that let us use Divali 2020 as a guiding light for the future, as only a light can take us through the tunnel of darkness. This is the best option for the future of all humanity. Divali must inspire all of us to engender a spiritual regeneration. It must lead us to seek a new political and economic transformation.

“Divali is one of the most important and benevolent gifts our forefathers brought with them between 1845 and 1920. It is a people’s festival as it has long been on the national calendar of events. Let us all continue to support it, “ the international journalist pointed out.